Off Topic: Instant Pot


I’m on the fence about getting one. Can you explain it all to me and give your favorite recipe?

Another one bites the dust

This was the article that convinced me to buy a pressure cooker: Serious Eats has a number of good recipes, if you’re looking for the “slightly more like real cooking” end of the spectrum. There’s also the “I don’t want to do any work in the kitchen” end, which is also valid and you can get dump recipes from places like reddit.

Minor pet peeve of mine is that Instant Pot gets all this press and name recognition like they invented the damned thing. I bought a Breville just to spite them. :stuck_out_tongue: :


I love mine! Here are two of my favorites;


Easily peeled hard-boiled eggs alone are worth it.


If a person likes to cook, a pressure cooker is essential gear. It lets you do some things you can’t do other ways, and lets you do some familiar things more quickly. There is a reason I have 3…


Pressure cookers rule, it was experience using the old ones (Grandma trained me) that led me to Instant Pot. But I do remember a beef stew on the ceiling when the counterweight got knocked off :slight_smile:


The Instant Pot has the stupidest user interface ever. But it works well once you figure it out. (Tip 1: Just because buttons are next to an indicator doesn’t mean the buttons affect that indicator. Yeah, like I said, stupid interface. Tip 2: Nobody I know ever actually uses the silly preset buttons. Manual settings every time.) :slight_smile:


That’s what my wife remembered so she was really hesitant about the IP until we saw one being used at a local craft show by someone she knew to cook up some vegetable dish that they were selling for the IP. They had about a dozen different spice mixes to toss into the IP along with beans or meat or rice (or all three).

The whole exploding pressure cooker seems to be something all of our parents experienced at least once.


my two favorites:

Risotto. 85-90% of the quality of making it by slowly stirring it constantly, 15% of the work.

A very earthy short rib beef stroganoff.


I use it all the time for dry beans, chili, etc. It’s great for rice too.


If you’re really bad at planning ahead, IP is for you. Got a sudden hankering for roast, and it’s only a couple of hours until dinner time? IP to the rescue. That’s the thing I love about it, because I am the worst when it comes to planning stuff. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Heh. You’re right! By the way, I did end up caving and getting one. So far my favorites are mushroom risotto, hard boiled eggs, and cheesecake.


But how do you plan to have a roast sitting around waiting to be cooked? I can do the cooking, it’s the shopping that’s my problem.


I usually fall down at the roast is ready to be started in the fridge but at 5PM I look to my partner and, “I’m hungry” instant pot comes to the rescue. It’s not an answer for everything. It absolutely kills some foods, others it makes quick and great. I don’t know enough about cooking to know what differentiates likely good vs likely bad.


That’s where the couple of hours comes in. You get your spouse’s tastebuds all thinking about how great roast would be, and then send him off to the nearby produce and meat market to pick one up so you can cook it for him. Or her, as the case may be. :wink:


I’ve tried pressure cooking roasts and chicken in the Instant Pot, they came out dry and very unappetizing. Still prefer to slow cook those all day in my slow-cooker. And yeah, I know the Instant Pot can do slow cooking too - I was trying for the speed thing with the pressure cooking.

Now for a huge batch of fresh green beans, it absolutely slays it. We ate a lot of fresh green beans this year. :yum:

I ordered a sous vide setup a couple of days ago…figured I’d finally give it a try. Hubs likes his meats much more rare than I’m able to pull off with grill or griddle cooking.

Might be fun to try something new.


i got a sous vide for christmas (well, after christmas at late present opening at the inlaws). set it up the first time last weekend. did chicken and overnight oatmeal. chicken was great, oatmeal was great. picked up a ribeye last night, plan on doing steaks in the next couple of days. and i have a few other things planned for it. pastrami. limoncello. brisket. creme brulee. taiwanese corn on the cob.


Are you browning before or after?


after. before would probably get a little weird texture-wise.

i’ve seen a few recipes for roasts that have browning before, but they also sear again at the end. not sure how that affects things.


I bought an Instantpot during black frimonth. When did Black Friday become a month long event? :roll_eyes: The first thing I made was a roast and it was the best roast I’ve ever made. Funny how experiences can be so different.

Sous vide is the best. I took six beef Wellingtons to Burning Man this year and didn’t want to spend $28 a pound on tenderloin. I did a test where I used chuck roast and cooked it for 48 hours in the sous vide. It came out just as tender but more flavorful than the tenderloin. The Wellingtons were a hit.

I also do pork ribs with a dry rub then finish them off in the oven. Tender, moist, and falling apart. Precooked bacon is nice too. Just brown it up in a pan for a couple of minutes. Again for Burning Man I get the four pound packs of bacon and cook it right in the package. A good portion of the fat renders off then I divide it up into vacuum seal bags and freeze. Bacon is a playa staple and any time you can reduce prep time it is a win. It also makes for some of the best bacon.