Off Topic: Instant Pot


That’s when we look at each other and open DoorDash. :-/


Actually, I’ll share one of my favorite pressure cooker things: steel-cut oats. I love this technique because I can start it in under a minute and it produces a mug of ready-to-eat oatmeal with no further intervention.

As with so many pressure cooker recipes, the “15 minute” cook time is a lie – it takes more like an hour when you add the time it takes to come up to pressure and cool down afterward. But it takes me that long to get from awake to ready for breakfast, so synergy leveraged.


Yes and no - not all pressure cookers are created equal. I had a stovetop cooker that came up to pressure and released pressure much faster than the Instantpot. The Instantpot is more of a sigh than a quick release. The stovetop cooker was also 15 psi rather than 11. The extra few psi makes for significantly shorter cooking times.

That said, the IP is good at what it does.


I used to cook them the old-fashioned way for 40 minutes in a pot on the stove…and you’re right, there’s no comparison to the steel-cut texture.

Then one day, I stumbled over a quick substitute, that actually increases the protein content.
Just use quick-cook oats, and at the end, throw in a handful of finely chopped pecans. The chewy texture and flavor is excellent.


On exploding things…came home from work one day (my husband was home) to find that he had cooked some potatoes in the pressure cooker and stupidly and foolishly opened the lid before releasing the pressure. You know how sticky potatoes can be, right? They were on the ceiling, and on some of the walls. He’s so lucky his head was still on.

That being said, I LOVE my instant pot. Going to hard boil some eggs today and then make some applesauce. Like @cynd11, I love the cheesecake. Also, creme brûlée is amazing. One thing I made, using a recipe I found online, was meatloaf…which I’ve made so many times before the IP. I thought to myself, this is going to be really ugly…boiled and gray. It was neither and we both loved it. I was very surprised.

A very positive thing about getting an Instant Pot was that I got rid of FIVE small appliances. My beautiful but seldom used Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker, two slow cookers, an egg cooker, and a fantastic Zojirushi rice cooker.


See…I wouldn’t give up my $19 egg cooker. That thing kicks arse! :smile:


This recipe explicitly calls for “natural release”, so the time taken to return to room temperature/pressure is part of the cooking process. Quick release would result in crunchy oatmeal.


But don’t you want a $600 egg cooker? It’s the Glowforge of toasters, really. Even has a camera in the lid for dubious reasons.


maaaaaybe not… :rofl:


sous vide steel cut oatmeal is great. and ridiculously easy. i haven’t done the hour ones yet. but i’ve done overnight twice.

two pint mason jars, each with 1/4 cup oats, 1 cup liquid (i did water, will try water/milk mixture next time), a little salt, a tbsp brown sugar, and a handful of blueberries. put the lid on (lightly closed). stick in 155 F water bath. go to bed a couple of hours later. get up in the morning and open the mason jar and shove your spoon in to eat. simple one-container meal.

i think the 1 hr version is 185 F.


I might have to start a Sous Vide recipe thread since this one is for Instant Pot. I’d like to hear a few of your favorites from those of you who have had them for a while. (Although there is probably one somewhere on the forum and I ought to do a search first so that Dave doesn’t fuss at me.) :wink:

Oh yep…there they are…no new topic needed.


That recipe sure, but you mentioned “so many recipes” lie. :wink:

Actually I was surprised at how long the pot roast took - even with the quick release. But then again I was used to the higher PSI model.

Still, an hour to make a good pot of chili - including prep time - is OK by me.


we tried the rice cooker abandonment and ended up buying a replacement Zojirushi. takes a lot longer but the end product is more consistent.


I can understand that. For us, it worked out OK, as my husband can no longer eat rice at all (diabetes), so I only used it to make the occasional cake …which by the way are marvelous.


In a similar situation I’d give up rice in a heartbeat but unless I have the diabetes cake and icecream I refuse to quit. Those are totally “honey I support you from a distance”


Hey, @jules, I’d love to know how you do your green beans in the IP!


Just rinse them and remove the stem end, then pressure cook on high for no more than two minutes. I’ll usually release pressure immediately and leave them warm in the pot for a few minutes while I plate everything else up.

They come out crisp-tender with no woodiness, but not mushy. :yum:


are they in the water or on a steamer basket above?


Either way works. You need a cup to a cup and a half of water or broth.


When done, you can throw in a little caramelized onion, some crispy bacon, and butter.