Off Topic: Jewelry repair-parts


For those who do jewelry, can you help me locate replacement parts for a piece of jewelry? My wife really likes this piece.

Here are pictures of the part needing replacement -

The screw cap is lost

Here is the screw pin


Thanks for any direction and help.


That looks like a scrapbook post. (And I’m trying to remember what they call the blasted things…there’s a special name for it…ahhhhh)


This is a cool fastener idea. There are some projects floating around for me that could use these. Thanks for posting.


Do you have a body piercing shop nearby? I bet they would have, or could get you one.


Piercing or part? :laughing::wink:


They remind me of “Chicago Screws” although I’ve never seen them that long.

Amazon search links truncate, so here it is as a


Here’s @Jules “scrapbook posts” search link:


That’s it! That was the name…thanks! :relaxed:


We used to use them as hinge pins on e-NABLE devices… :wink:


Home Depot or Lowe’s for shorter ones. McMaster or Grainger for all sizes or our favorite Amazon :slightly_smiling_face:


Make sure to search “binding posts” instead of “Chicago Screws” for a larger selection.

These are neat little things. Never used them but I could see them being useful in bolted connections with laser projects!


If you have a hard time finding an exact replacement, I can make one of those from scratch in about 30 minutes.


I’ll let you know. Thanks for the offer.