Off Topic: Robot Fight is happening!



I have seen enough Japanese movies to know this will not end well



The whole MegaBot thing is so over-the-top and weird, to me. I love shows like BattleBots that pit very diverse, geeky teams from all over the world against each other. I find the combination of drama, geekery, imagination, and destruction very fun. The MegaBot thing has this whole other jingoism thing, though, that I find really offputting–like how their big debut demo was to use the bot to destroy a Prius. It reminds me way too much of the guys who drive around “rolling coal” in Southern Colorado (driving trucks with an add-on that makes them billow masses of black, polluting smoke out their exhaust as a f-you to people who care about the environment).


China’s already building a robot as well. This could be the start of a robot fighting league!


I agree with you on the whole rolling coal thing (never knew that had a name). And I loved battle bots! I tried getting a team together in highschool, but it didn’t work out.

However, I didn’t mind the megabots thing. Mostly because I love robots and I really want to see this fight!



Go Japan Go!


Why do I get the feeling that within 3 minutes, one will punch/slam/hit the other one making it topple over, and then it’ll be like a tortoise on its back flailing…


That’s the most probable scenario, but we can dream.


He who wears the Veritech Fighter pilot helmet:
I agree wholeheartedly about dreaming of having proper mechs!


Don’t forget, every Japanese Mech since the dawn of anime time has been piloted by an angsty teenager with father issues


Wish Robot Combat league was done better…but
Yeah…fighting robots…super cool…
Enjoyed the movie Real Steel and always enjoyed battlebots…old and new series…
And of course the movies Pacific Rim and the lesser known Atlantic Rim…lol


I need father issues… I’m gonna ask my dad :grin:


Goals if I win the Powerball.

Develop Gundanium alloy.
Build a Gundam.
Train my child to pilot said Gundam.
Die horrific/mysterious death at the hands of an evil shadowy organization.
Have said child go on an epic quest to avenge my death and destroy the evil shadowy organization.


I deal with trucks for a living and can not abide the coal-rollers.

I was really sad to see that battle it’s was not part of ABC’s lineup this fall. My daughter loved it, and would always cheer when the ladies’ teams were up.


What irritates me is that these are NOT robots. Robots are autonomous… these are human-controlled.


Having witnessed one of these attack a car hanging from a crane at Bay Area Maker Faire my thought was if humanity ever has to count on a battlebot to defend us we best learn the proper way to praise our new overlords. Once they finally got the thing rebooted and working it wasn’t exactly lightning quick. It was super cool, but also anticlimactic. Cartoons and movies have obviously wrecked me by setting my expectations way too high.


Japan has this covered. I’ve seen the 1/1 Gundam up close a couple of times and I’m looking forward to the 1/1 Unicorn Gundam they are now constructing in Odaiba.


I loved the original MechWarrior game.
A new version comes out next year!


Which is what they have said every year since 2013 IIRC


I saw it too… just stunning.