Off Topic: Take a Walk on Mars



Explore Mars – on your phone. If you have a cardboard VR device like Google Cardboard, download the Virtual Reality version - Mars Walk VR. It’s free.


  • Walk the surface of Mars and explore the landing sites for InSight, Viking and Curiosity
  • Experience dust storms at the Northern Crater
  • Observe InSight as it gathers information about Mars
  • Visit one of the famous Viking landers that landed more than 40 years ago
  • Follow Curiosity as it navigates the red surface collecting samples

Apple App Store - VR Version
Apple App store - Non-VR Version
Google Play - VR Version
Google Play - Non-VR Version


@hansepe Awesome Find! It would be cool if they added in the location of the HAB at Acidalia Planitia so people could visit Mark Watney :wink:

P.S. - Just finished The Martian. Awesome Book!


It is an awesome book, and it was a fun movie too!


I agree! I am a Huge fan of both! :grin:


That was actually the first thing I thought of after I started “walking around”. Great find, @hansepe!


Out of likes, but I can’t wait to try this out!
Thanks for sharing!


If anybody cuts out the Google Cardboard VR on their Glowforge please let us know how it turns out!

And yes Discourse… I DO want to post the link again, but thanks for asking :rolling_eyes:

edit: Glowforge has a W, not two Rs