Offline and laser is stopped in the middle of the bed

Do you know what the optimal transit setting would be? Thanks so much for all of your time trying to help me get this up and running.

I’d suggest that strong enough your unit receives a signal. If it’s below 100%, I’d just put it at 100% and see what happens.

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Okee dokee, thanks!

I don’t see anywhere to change “transit rate”. Any other suggestions on connection settings or where I would find transit rate?

Sorry, that should have been transmit.

Can you get a model number off of the router?

I moved the GF closer to the router…from the garage (20ft) to the kitchen (3ft) and it worked…for now. Yes, moving the router would have been a heck of a lot easier, but we only have one cable spot and had no cable extension on hand. Based on it working, I’ll try getting a new router and see if that makes a difference. Since it worked from the garage for 1+ year, hoping that’s it. It DOES appear it’s the router and NOT the GF. YAYYYY! Fingers crossed. Thanks JBManning!


Good to hear that resolved your trouble! Thanks @jbmanning5 for all the help with this!

I am going to close this thread. If you have any more trouble feel free to start a new thread.