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I was using my Glowforge yesterday and it was fine. Today I did two different things, I upgraded my OS to the latest WIN 11 and I also cleaned the head.
I held the white button down until it turned teal, when to the WiFi settings on my computer and connected to the Glowforge BVB-682. It connected but the teal light is still on and the Glowforge app shows I’m offline. What should I do now?

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Complete the wifi setup process. It is documented on the support pages.

There is never a need to repeat that unless you changed wifi. Your device does not connect directly to the GF once the initial wifi setup is complete. You can access it from any device anywhere on the planet once the machine is connected to your local wifi, including any new or updated devices on your own network.


I just noticed that the start-up sequence is not running. When I turn it on, after a short time it revs up for a second or two but the head never moves. I tried connecting to the GF with a different computer but, it still says it is offline. All I did was clean the head so I don’t know what I did?
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Is the teal light on or off? Have you tried rebooting your modem/router and computer?
As stated, you don’t need to redo your wifi when your operating system updates. However, the updated operating system could be causing the problem with popup blockers or anti virus software. There have been reports of Kaspersky causing connection problems.

Here is a link to setting up your wifi again: Set up again - #4 by Jules


I held the button down until the light turned teal. I then went to my computer, clicked on WiFi and than the GF. After a bit my computer says that I’m connected but, the GF app says that I’m offline.

Did you watch the video in the link I provided?

Yes, but I watched it again and discovered that I miss one thing. It is now working!
Thanks everyone for your help.


The start up depends on establishing the wifi connection first, it’s the first thing the machine does when it boots up. Sounds like you got it working.

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For future reference, you don’t need to do this. Resetting the the GF Wi-Fi isn’t related to any changes on your computer :slightly_smiling_face:

For now tho - as others have said, you need to complete what you started. It’s as if you are setting up your GF the first time. Watch the video and connect your GF to your Wi-Fi.


There are worse places to be offline in than Saratoga.


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