Offline Issue after Receiving Replacement

For the last few days, I have experienced Offline issues with my original unit. I went through ALL of the recommendations offered via this forum with no success. Even support could not resolve the issue.

I found a piece of information that many of you may be aware of but I wanted to share just in case. On yesterday, my replacement unit arrived because the initial one had a coolant leak. After going through the setup process over 7 times, I continued to get the “offline” message. I then began investigating because I realized that I MUS be overlooking the obvious.

While in the GFUI, I noticed a small arrow next to my name (see attached image). I pressed it and got a drop down menu that told me to select a printer. My two choices were “Offline” and “Ready.” “Offline” was the defalt. After selecting “Ready,” I was back in business.

I thought I would share this small piece of info in the event someone else might find it useful. I know I did!!


So basically it was showing that your old printer you sent back was offline?

Just so you, and others, understand what you were seeing…

Your selections weren’t for “Offline” and “Online.” They were for “Old Glowforge” and “New Glowforge.” The old one, obviously, was offline while the new one was online. By default the GFUI defaults to the most-recent Glowforge used.

You’ll want to ask Support to remove your old Glowforge from your account.


Thanks for the clarification. It was definitely frustrating. That needs to go in my “Idiot’s Guide.”

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If you would have picked a different name instead of Glowforge each time you would have seen the name in place of Glowforge.