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Hey Everyone,

I have a GF Pro and a GF Plus, my plus keeps getting the offline message. I will start a cut and by the time it finishes, it is showing offline. Only the plus, this never happens to the pro. I have to shut it down and start it back up to get it to go back online. Any suggestions?

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I too am having the same problems. Perfect timing to as we are going to into a busy season. I submitted a request with support, but as of lately they rarely respond.

Tons of people are complaining about this right now. I didn’t have any issues like this for literally 9 months and now I’m having these offline issues. There is no issue with my connectivity and I can’t imagine THIS many people having the SAME issues are ALL suddenly having router issues in their spaces.

Eventually it will come back online without me doing anything; I tried restarting the machine, which did nothing and restarting my router also.

Lots of people in the Facebook groups are complaining about this and I just starting having these issues only within the past 2-3 days.

I’m in the same boat as the rest of you, preparing for a busy holiday season. My original machine was actually not working for all of holiday last year and I was completely out of commission until they sent me a replacement part which was on back order for 5 weeks (and then didn’t fix the problem) and then waited on a replacement machine (which didn’t get to me until December 31st). So with that being said, I can not afford to have these kinds of performance issues again this year. Especially not once orders start stacking up.

Hopefully this can get resolved soon! I’m almost wondering if they are purposefully throttling service to users due to an increase of activity. This is what happens when they start selling all these machines now to various retailers and suddenly have a spike in people all using their machines on their same cloud based service at the same time.

Next two months is going to be…interesting…

Me too on both my Pro and Basic

I have a Pro and I’m offline after a cut today… Making some little shudders also… It’s like, “that’s a weird sound…”

Same thing is happening to me. The machine is on…but the Glowforge App says its Offline. The amount of issues with these machines is beyond ridiculous at this point. In no way should they be strictly internet based for use.

Very interesting. I’ve had my machine for a few years, but today is the first time I’ve received an “OFFLINE” notification. Anything going on, GF?

If there’s “Anything going on, GF?”…it will show here;

If the status is good there, then your issues are local…on your end.


My Glowforge went offline after a 2.5 hour engrave earlier today. It sat offline for a few minutes before my wife called me down for dinner, so I turned it off. Turned it back on later and it reconnected immediately. I have run several back-to-back jobs since then without it going offline. It going offline while powered on at all is unusual: the last time that happened was over 2 years ago, before I set up a mesh wifi network.

Mine has gone offline today after 3 different jobs. It’s definitely not something that happens normally.

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Well that’s not quite true. A server status page is only as good as the unit tests that drive it. Offline can mean a whole host of problems (we just see it as “offline” there may be some failure not detected by the status check. I caused a similar thing in an application I had built where the status was all-good as far as kubernetes was concerned but one of the containers in the deployment was misconfigured but was technically running and responding to calls, just not the way the main application needed. So everything was “up” just not usefully so.


It’s possible the two systems are messing with each other - can you set up a 2nd “guest” network and assign one machine to each one?

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Same here!

There are 60+ users and counting in our Facebook group with the same issues.

Machine turns off during cuts.
Machine won’t load new artwork until it’s been turned off and back on.
Constant offline errors, even in places with multiple units.
Whirring and shuddering.
Won’t reset at times for hours.

Glowforge encourages people to use it for a business, but then has systemic issues like this that will kill a small startup or business.

Or possibly somewhere in between, to be fair.


or even on their end without causing the status page to light up or every one to be down. There are undoubtedly many servers (virtual machines) that they’re using in Google’s cloud. Any one of those could be having issues that result in connection problems just for those GFs that are being directed to that (or those) VM. Depending on how the app pools are setup, they may lock a session into a pool being “serviced” by a VM that’s no longer working correctly. There are a hundred places between us & them and any of them can be a problem - even if it is usually on the end-user’s side doesn’t mean it’s always on the end-user’s.


@tbriere I am so sorry your Glowforge Plus printer is going offline. I reviewed your printer logs and it looks like you are able to print today, which is great!

I’d like to gather some additional information in order to best assist you if this happens again.

  • Is your Plus and Pro in the same room or right next to each other?
  • How far is your router to the printers?
  • Does this happen at around the same time or is it inconsistent?

Please let me know if there is any other similarities as well when this happens that might assist in my investigation.

For anyone else also having offline or similar issues please send us an email or create your own forum post and we will be able to follow up with you there.


Yes they are next to each other. They are about 2 feet from the router. It happens at random, usually after every print or every second print.

Hi Tina, I wanted to follow up and see if you were still having issues with your Plus showing up as offline in the app after your last post.

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