Offline- need help - troubleshooting was unsuccesful

I just got a replacement Glowforge. I am unable to connect to the Wi-Fi. I have tried hotspot and 2 different Wi-Fi options. It’llsays it’s connected, tells me to go to dashbaord to start printing yet Glowforge still shows off-line. Any thoughts suggestions I can try.

The original Glowforge connected almost instantly. I have emailed support but am hoping it is something I am missing an alternative way to get it online. THAN K YOU

It’s probably trying to connect to your previous machine. Open the drop-down list at the top right and see if there isn’t a new item in there for the replacement. If so, select that and try to connect.


Tek104 - THANK YOU- that was it!! Appreciate your help!

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You’re very welcome. I’m glad you got it running. Just as a footnote, the search tool in the forum is very useful for troubleshooting. Just enter a description of your problem, like new machine won’t connect and you’ll probably find dozens of responses from others who have had the same problem.

Best of luck with your replacement machine!

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Thanks, I checked a few, and it was the wi fi issues. Not the recommendation to switch machine. The image you send was the most helpful! :blush:

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