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So I turned on my GF Pro this afternoon for the first time in about 10 days, and nothing happened. The head did not move and the button did not light up. On the GFUI, it did not show it was calibrating. It only showed it was offline.

I waited a bit to see if that would change. When it didn’t, I powered off and on several times after waiting some more. Still nada.

I tried to connect with my cellphone, but the GFUI there also showed it was offline.

So I powered on while holding down the button. And it illuminated purple. Searching the forum for the meaning of that color, I came upon a post from @henryhbk referring to the purple color of death. Ugh.

I went to and decided to try re-initializing WIFI. My laptop found the GF WIFI broadcast signal so I connected to that. And then I attempted to connect to the home WIFI. But every time, it came back after several seconds and reported a device error, and to contact support if that persisted.

Losing all hope, I powered off and powered up again. This time, the galley moved, the button illuminated white, and the machine started calibrating, Before long, I was online again.

I don’t know what the cause of my problem was. While I am glad that it was resolved on its own, and I was able to cut without issue after that, I am a little worried that something may be failing.

Support can check out the logs for my machine for this afternoon to see if they see anything that might lead them to the answer. If not, I just hope it doesn’t happen again.


I had the EXACT same experience this morning.

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I have had it happen several times in the past week. I have just cut something so the GF is all set up but even with all the lights on, the GFUI says nobody is home. Then a few minutes later the machine recalibrates, and where the previous cut was it is now different.

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Well, if that’s the case, there was likely something else going on, independent of my machine.

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brand new machine doing the same thing! Thank god I’m not the only one, I thought the new machine was broken. after several resets, wifi reset, still freezes in the middle of the job. No consistency in result, random freezing. Like the server is only feeding it a portion of the part.

I find when this has happened to me cold air has come back down the exhaust and the inside of the glowforge is pretty chilly. I just leave the cover open and it comes up to room temp in about 10-15 mins and then works fine. And yes I have louvers, but’s it’s been cold recently

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I been having this issue all a day (well last 5 hours). I gotten the Purple button and would let me try and reconfigure but no go. If I hold it down again it would clear the Pruple button and no network setup.

I had just installed a room temperature replacement machine, so I’m guessing that’s not for me :grin:
plus, it was operating first then stopping part way through. timer on app was still going, but no head movement and no laser. Just exhaust running and lights, like it ran out of commands to run. it was acting even stranger before that. wouldn’t move to calibrate itself, and other odd phenomenon

Oh I should Note… I am able to see it connect and disconnect from the network.

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Same thing is happening to me right now: device Offline and setting up Wifi again reports device error.

@Slacker has your issue resolved itself also?

You want a teal (same colour as the GF logo) button for Wifi setup. You get that by holding the button for 10 seconds after the machine has powered up. You get the purple button if you hold it down during power up.

I just powered mine up this AM (now) and everything is working for me.

All of them do that. If the machine is too hot it pauses but the timer does not I hope @dan will see to that as it should be easy.

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This is a Pro, operating for about 20 seconds, doing a basic engrave (ruler). Doesn’t even make it to the cut part of the ruler.
It’s a replacement machine, don’t know if it’s brand new or referbished. I’ll wait to hear back from customer service

The top temp to work is very low , so if the room is 81-degrees it can overheat easily and need time to cool down. Engraves can be bad about this as the laser is firing a lot over a short time. This is the nature of the laser and designed so overheating will not damage the machine. If you add a filter capable of over 200 cfm this will pull more air through the machine but only help some at the higher temps.

They don’t have refurbished units. All units going out are newly manufactured including warranty replacements according to @dan.

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As of last night I see been down. I even shifted the GF over to a 2nd Access point (configured and setup on top of the GF) and back to the normal one.

I had some friend over on sunday that I wanted a few things cut before they got there but that didnt happen.

this is not the 1st time I have issues getting the GF started. almost like the PSU is struggling to get things moving (working in the IT side of things i seen systems struggle when the powering on the Amp draw is more than the PSU can handle at once.

I think you’re missing key info here: I was make a frickin ruler, which means in was pulsing the tick marks not the Mona Lisa, it’s a pro which means it has additional cooling and longer duty cycle, it was 60F in the room and I operated my original pro at higher ambient temps this last summer.
This is not my first Glowforge, been at this a while gents.
And this is a warranty replacement, so they can and have replaced those with factory replaired units (refurbished) which I’m ok with as long as it works longer than 20 seconds.
Still waiting for support to help.

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I’m hesitant to reply, at the risk of being promptly dismissed due to it not being your first rodeo. If it was 60 degrees ambient - had it been any colder prior to that? The min operating temp is a 60 degree recommendation. Perhaps your unit and coolant hadn’t warmed to ambient room temps.

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I think the answer is above.

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