Offset cutting

I’m going to go crazy! I have an Aura, this happens all the time! I’ve only had it for a few weeks! I saw some strategies to fix it, none of them are working! Why is this happening!? Sometimes it’s fine and then sometimes the images look “dragged” sometimes and the circles are off. I’m only using proof grade materials. I’m wasting a lot of materials!

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I believe that Glowforge recommends cleaning the rails very often. This includes the magnetic pieces near the print head. If you get misaligned prints, it could be the rails need attention.

This is frustrating for sure. Material are very expensive. Until you work out some of these issues, consider doing fewer items at a time rather than wasting an entire board.


Thank you for your reply. I’ve already followed this suggestion. I’ve cleaned the rails prior to every run. I am also only running 1-2 small items at a time until it resets itself just to be sure I’m not wasting and then it does it again. The image here is showing multiple attempts…