Offset even after alignment...Still

So I did an alignment today but now having an image offset issue…what gives???

That looks like you took out the crumb tray, correct?
If you did, did you prop up your objects so that the engrave surfaces are within 1/2" of the laser head and use “set focus”? (that would be at the same height of the tray or a little higher)

No Sir,…crumb tray still there…it’s been frustrating (and gets costly) Appreciate your response very much, though!

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In that case I don’t have tips to improve the visual calibration, 1/4" offset is within operating limits. The next thing I’d try is either a jig which can be extremely accurate (search forum, tons of tips on this) or place some masking/tape on your material and run a very low power score/cut of the artwork to check it’s in the right spot.


Appreciate your input ekla,…I am using a jig (the 'ole paper and magnet trick!) for alignment…Yea I’d hate to run a trial run b4 every little print . Havent really been having this as an issue til this morning. (b4 I tried an alignment to correct it…but anywho! lo)

Did you use the set focus tool and make sure that the beam hits on the part of the coaster that will be engraved?

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If you are using the set focus then you must do so before you place your artwork where you want it. This looks like you may have done the opposite by first placing the art then focusing?


Yeah, I’m betting the red dot landed on that slightly raised rim and gave an incorrect height as a result.


I’m so sorry to hear that you’re hitting this snag. I’ve extracted the log files from your Glowforge, and I do see that you’ve recently completed a Camera Recalibration, and your alignment appears to be within specification. As @beerfaced outlined, utilizing Set Focus in the correct order may help to ensure your prints are aligning correctly. I also want to point out that the red dot location @cynd11 highlighted is helpful.

Would it be possible to perform a similar test print, utilizing Set Focus, and ensuring that the red laser dot hits the material correctly, and see if the same alignment trouble occurs?

Let us know how it goes!

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sry about the delay in responding (back issues…grrr!) Yes i did but I did see where beerface pointed out that I should set focus THEN place art work…I’m sure I’ve been doing it as the last step…Thanks all for your input! Now let’s go try this again! :grin:

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I shall & Thanks a million!

Well I thought the issues were solved, but here’s what occurred this morning.

  1. When using beta premium image upload often after I selected ONE image TWO would show up on top of each other.
  2. NEVER had this issue but after selecting “ignore” on an image I had previously used, the “new” image wasnt the one the laser chose to etch, but the afore mentioned image that was checked as ignore.
    I hope that makes sense. So I’ll back out to the dashboard and try to do this image by itself. ALL of these images were chosen in the premium image upload section. Thanks for any thoughts or imput!

Whenever you exit a file to go back to the Dashboard, anything that you had set up in the file is automatically saved. (Like the clipart you used the last few times.)

If you want to start a fresh file…just set up the circle parts and delete everything (like add on clipart) once before you save it. Rename that file in the Dashboard as “Blank Coaster Template” or something along those lines.

Then in the Dashboard, click on the carat in the upper right hand corner of the thumbnail and choose Make a Copy. When you open the copy in the interface, you can add artwork to it there, and when that version saves, it does not leave the artwork behind in the original.


I’ll take a screen shot of this! Appreciate that very much…I am having a blast with my Glowforge and you guys are soooo helpful here!

I’m so happy to hear that after incorporating the steps from my colleague and these amazing community members, your alignment is much improved. I’m going to go ahead and close this topic, Happy printing!

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