Oh all the funs...Coloring test with many more to come


Been loving my experience so far…have done alot of small stuff at the moment testing things out (well just with proofgrade settings for now…little daunting and overwhelmed with the prospects) and not gonna overload with all the wonderful trinckets ive made but here one of my free hand drawing traced with the forge and trying out colors so far. Any chance of unfinished hardwood or plywood proofgrade coming to the store anytime soon there @dan…Thanks and thanks


I would love to see your work. Post away…


I’m onelostmonkey on Instagram or check out my Tumblr…
whimsicalwoodcuts.tumblr.com …most of my work is on both. But with this magical machine things are about get alot more whimsical then ever!!


Cool colors! :grinning:


Thanks the finish on the proofgrade is slicker then I thought…gonna try and sand one today and see if that help my colors.


Amazing how you did all the others without a Laser! expect that you will really do wild with one.:heart_eyes:


My Scoll saw is a good friend!! Thanks for taking a gander!!


The saw is good for the outside, but how did you do all the inside lines?


Just drill a hole and insert the scroll saw blade and continued on with the magic…


Pre GF I was limited to using a jewellers piercing saw, and on a good day would cut about one hole per minute (which included time to drill the hole for the blade) .
The GF ups the speed about 100 fold !


And the place where the lines connect? I did a lot of pierced silver and just left a line uncut but you went around the outside of the lines.
Though it would be really amazing to do that stuff as marquetry.


Are there pictures of such work here?

This is mine https://discourse-cdn-sjc1.com/business5/uploads/glowforge/original/3X/d/b/db82b2a46ced797ddf9496976fa03dac8306a854.JPG


Awesome !!


If you didn’t have a Glowforge I would suggest a Jewelers saw as it will make much finer lines than a scroll saw, but now it would be like having a great slide rule next to your computer :slight_smile:

On Edit It still would be useful in cases like metal or some plastics that cannot be lasered.


The pieces are on 1/2 birch they had some pretty fine scroll blades and I got really good at sharp curves plus i think I’d end up breaking slot of blades with a jewelers. Side note did that Tumblr link work for you?


I confess that I can’t remember. I’ve posted a wip here somewhere, but nothing of my pre GF work. That’s on my web pages www.fanmaker.co.uk, if you have the time to look, but they are over 10 years old, and in need of updating, I’m sad to say.


Really nicely done!


Yes very well thankyou.

With 8-0 blades breaking would be a problem but you could nearly match the laser for the fine line but you can get blades much heavier. I use a 3-0 where I want a bigger hammer. They are hard to break. but still, way under the size of a scroll cut,
All will turn in their own length if you remember to be cutting while turning.


Nice…i was just talking to someone last night about i hope that I don’t stop using the saws since I have this lazer!!


Just WOW! on those fans. I would think that coming out of retirement with a Glowforge for sure! I might even try my hand at fantasy fans myself, though doing historical ones such as yours is far beyond my knowledge.