Oh hey, what's this?

@madebynick has been up to something…


Awee man. I dont know if I can handle this! Is this Fomo? No, it’s kinda more SOMO. sad of missing out :frowning: . For that matter, is there an emoji with a pouty lip?

Its a bit like knowing whats under the christmas tree, except its June. C’mon santa. All I want for Christmas, is Christmas. I think I’m too big to feel so kid like.


Wow, hinged wood strap with leather watch pin loop.

Can you show us the latch or fastener? Maybe there is not one and the hinged wood has enough flexibility to allow the band to slip on over your hand :slight_smile:

I’m really looking forward to the time when we can all work on items like this.


Gonna take a wild guess… It’s a hairy arm? What do I win?


Nice! I just ordered a moto 360 :slight_smile: Very exciting! @dan - I’d love to see this zoomed out! And how is the clasp implemented?

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Fantastic idea! Would LOVE to see more photos!

You mention Christmas while talking about delivery again and we may have a Hulk situation :stuck_out_tongue:


My bad!

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This may make me wear a watch again. Last one I wore regularly was a Timex/Miicrosoft Datalink. I really liked it. Very useful before decent, inexpensive PDAs came out. Nice band.

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That’s a 360 on there, although the design should work for Apple Watch and most 22mm watchbands. I’ll leave it to @madebynick to grab the DSLR and post some better pictures. :slight_smile: And yes, it’s leather loops and backing, walnut outside, super comfy.


Ok, this will be on my list to try to make once my Glowforge arrives! I hope there ends up being a tutorial somewhere. :slight_smile: