Oh, it's killing me!


I know… We’re all excited. But I just had to express this!

I haven’t told my kids I bought a Glowforge because I didn’t want to get their hopes up since I don’t know when it’ll come. My younger daughter, especially, is quite the little artist. She’s 11. And she works with interesting mediums sometimes just because she loves to experiment. Paper, canvas, cardboard, foam… And when she draws things I just keep thinking “Man… I can’t wait to see what she does with a Glowforge!” Especially when just last night she showed me something she cut out of cardstock. And she said “Daddy, ya know it’s really difficult to cut circles.” And I almost let it slip! I wanted to say “It’ll be a whole lot easier when we get our laser.” I caught myself and said “I bet! But you did a great job!”

Anyway, looking forward to the future!

  • Tom

P.S.: I feel better now.


Maybe a Cameo for Christmas at your house? - Rich


It is. I got grief from my daughter for cutting cake board circles with the laser though (to put the cake on before frosting so it could be transported easily). She said I was just looking for excuses to use the laser. :slight_smile:


That’s an awesome gift, she’ll do beautiful things for sure!


LOL. My daughter (the same one mentioned above) broke a piece of glass that’s part of our coffee table a couple of days ago. I have no real way to replace that glass, so I figured I’d replace it with wood. It’s, basically, quarter of a circle shaped. I traced it out onto the wood I purchased. I was about to start cutting and my wife said “Bet you wish we had that Glowforge, huh.” All I could do was laugh. After I cut and sanded it, it was passable on the coffee table… for now.


Didn’t mention it… Smart man!
Your daughter will rock the laser!


When she sees what it can do, you should be ready to get a pic of her expression!


Oh, the moment I get that coveted shipping e-mail, I’ll be making sure the video camera’s charged. Just for my own fun, I’ll be documenting the unboxing, first forge, subsequent testing, and, of course, the kids enjoyment.


You’re a smart man! I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and my oldest (13) is chomping at the bit. Really can wait to see what all my kids do with it!


Eh, I’m not that smart. I’ve recently been begging my wife to let me tell them. She talks me down off of that particular ledge. I’ll give her credit for being the smart one… this time. :wink:

But, hey! I applaud your telling your kids! The whole family can be excited!

  • Tom


wives are smart:blush:


How big? They make paper circle punch cutters…




As much as I dislike Martha Stewart, I will do it for the children:


Was my joke was lost on you? 11.4" is the largest diameter one will be able to cut on a Glowforge.

Besides… Pshaw! Why spend $18 when I can spend thousands on a laser cutter?!

  • Tom


My reasoning exactly!


even cheaper than the Martha Stewert one:

best (or maybe worst) part of this one is that you could totally design a custom version that holds a normal hobby knife, and cut it yourself… once you have the glowforge.:confounded:


Man, I wish I would’ve kept my big trap shut. It would have saved a lot of explaining, defending, and other… conversations.
good on ya for keeping such a cool thing a secret!
Soon enough! and man what a surprise it will be. Best. Dad. Ever.


I told everyone a year ago. But now my kids don’t believe me. “Sure dad, you bought a laser. Right.” I keep saying wait until I get a glowforge and I will make this or that. I tell them it’s real, it will be here soon. Just like you said about Santa Claus and Easter Bunny. I will show them all… maybe next year.


Like Santa, Glowforge is both real and will give presents to all of the good kids.

  • Tom