Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god — got my golden ticket two weeks early


I’m so giddy 'cause I just accepted my Glowforge woohooo!
Wonder how long it takes to Austria :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grin:
Basically, I just want to say thank you to Dan and his team and to you gorgeous and generous forum wizards.


Congratulations! Glad you hung in there with us :sunglasses:


I’m soooo looking forward to starting creating but right now I’m just bouncing around like a bunny.


Fantastic! Congratulations! :smile:


Congratulations! Get your venting, level surface, and material storage ready. Stock the pantry with easy things to cook … Read tutorials … And prepare some designs to kick off a great start!


So psyched for you! Get some sleep now, you’ll need it later :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips, happily I’ve got some free time next week. I already prepared the space, venting I have to sort out temporary and storage will be the next thing to sort out.
Since I’m collecting ideas and designs since 2015 choosing what to do first is the main problem here :wink:


Well, I’m running on too little sleep and too much work throughout the week so … probably not much will change, just that I’ll move it slightly over to my Glowforge!

By the way, I’m about to send you some thank you! Had to sort it out first and need to go to the post office (they have effing opening hours if you work) but I’ll do my best to send it within the week.


Congrats! It is so much fun…I just got my Glowforge last week!


Congrats! How do you keep away from the Glowforge? I presume it’s difficult :slight_smile:


I don’t! That’s why my other lists of things to do are piling up. ha ha. I keep running over there and making things.


Since I plan to buy a Glowforge Pro for my workspace (University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg) I wonder what that will do to my work-life balance :smile:


Presumably your scrap pile is starting to grow out of control by now? I think “having a good scrap management system in place from the start” is one of the biggest pieces of advice I wish I’d gotten before I got mine.

That and “Don’t hoard every scrap. You will make more.”

But come on, this tiny piece of [exotic wood] will come in handy SOMEDAY…


It’s not too bad yet! ha ha. I read through some of the threads that I bookmarked where you and others mentioned things to get ready. One of the things you mentioned was to have a small plastic bin to put incinerated pieces into to keep the smell down in the room. Picked up some yesterday, so I’m going to be trying that out!

I’ve not gone nuts with exotic stuff…just using mostly draftboard so far. I have done a few tests on leather that I have, which looked quite promising.


Exotics are a virus. Don’t start. I have probably 20 different woods kicking around.

OK so if you do start, Wenge, yellowheart, purpleheart and Padauk are showstoppers, all have very vibrant colors and are fairly easy to source.

Bloodwood and redheart are both really red and awesome, albeit a bit tougher to source.


ENABLER!!! Ha!:sunglasses:


Who, me?

looks innocent




Yeah that was my reaction too :wink: