Oh no...What's That? Uh...it's a Glowforge!

For those that purchased a GF, then thought…“Maybe I should have mentioned it to my significant other”…what was (or will be) your way to break the news. Share your story…or “game plan” for delivery day.

For me…I have an uncanny track record for such things. Some examples: I asked my wife to bring me a checkbook to the DMV…where she discovered I purchased a Porsche Carrera. I was setting up a newly-released MakerBot Thing-O-Matic in the kitchen…I got a"what’s that?". Then throughout the years came a MakerBot Replicator, then Replicator 2X, then Replicator Mini, an AIO Zeus, then MakerBot Z18…all accompanied by a “what’s that?”. Same reaction to when I got a DJI Inspire 1 then a DJI Mavic. Sooo, I know I’ll get the dreaded “what’s that?” when the GF arrives. My planned response will be…“Uh…it’s a Glowforge. I’m gonna make some cool stuff…I mean, I’m gonna make you some cool stuff.”

Or, maybe it’s just me that keeps getting my self into this groundhog day loop of “what’s that”.

Share your story, or story-to-be :crazy_face:


I can sympathize with your plight, but mine is I just don’t mention it anymore to friends and family. When I do I get eyerolls or sympathetic “you should sue or something.” Which I know will stop when it gets here and I get to play and produce amazing things.


ROFL! Well, mine kind of suspects now, so I got nothing amusing. (That’s a great technique though.) :grin:


I showed the GF (:glowforge:) promo video to my IRL GF (:blonde_woman:), and said "look at this."
She said “You should buy one.”


As you may be able to surmise based on the username, we’re in this thing together. We’d both been eyeballing it separately for months, then one night one of us told the other about it, and the decision was quickly made.


True Story : “they are loaning it to me to help them work out the bugs”, I don’t yet have it worked out for the time when the pru has to go back and my forever unit is on the way.
No, it is not just you. In the famous words of Admiral Grace Hopper, “it is easier to get forgiveness than permission”.


Dang! I should have thought of that. Maybe I can use that method now…while she’s unaware that it’s already ordered. Of course, she may catch on and shift to the “oh no…what did you just buy”.


Great inject of Admiral Grace Hopper. I’m a retired Navy Master Chief Cryptologic Technician spook)…so ADM Hopper and her contributions are well ingrained in my career.


My wife thinks PRU people should get to keep it or should get a new one :slight_smile:


Funny thing is that I never had heard of her while I was in the Navy (sts/SS), only got to know of her as my interest in computers grew later on.


Currently unattached, so I have maximum leeway on that.


Luckily I purchased the GlowForge before I even met my girlfriend, and then wife. If I tried that now, I don’t think I would have been able to get one! Thankfully she likes the Glowforge, and is even coming up with things she wants me to make for her!


We’ll all get a new one as we’ve all ordered one. I suggested letting us keep them (pru) at a reasonable price but apparently they have plans for them.


My wife sent an email that said, ‘What do you think?’ then 4 mins later ‘I ordered it’.

I love her.


It was my wife who sent the initial Glowforge link to me on day 1 of the campaign, we ordered a few days later.

She is, however, very practical minded about these things… “I don’t want to know about it until it comes… if it comes”.


yeah, me too. I would have donated it to my library’s new little MakerSpace they’re trying to put together - it would have been perfect for them.


i can understand them not wanting that simply because there’s been some clear qa differences between the builds, and j random user wouldn’t understand why this isn’t a reflection of current quality / capability.

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So just tell her it’s a customary ___ year anniversary gift. Couldn’t quite fill in the year … not sure when the Glowforges will arrive for everybody. :sunglasses:


Yep…I think GF is on the list of anniversary gifts for some year, right? Just like paper, silver, gold anniversaries, etc… It’s fact until proven otherwise :crazy_face:


I have worked in manufacturing for many years and using pro lasers are a pain. Almost impossible to set up for “1 off” but OK for doing hundreds of something. I fell in love with the idea of dragging the design onto the item just like @dan in the video. Then I procrastinated. Waited until the deadline approached. We had married after being single for 12 years, and when faced with selling the bike…:joy:… the dog…:thinking:… or the bmw…:persevere: I finally stopped by the credit union to get a credit card. (This was a huge step for me since I had dealt with cash since my divorce…even furnished my newly single bachelor pad living room on $47.) She did roll her eyes… she doesn’t get it yet, but being a real estate agent I’m sure I will win her over with some awesome business cards and amazing housewarming gifts for her clients… yeah…(wink, wink) for the clients…:sunglasses:
So yeah…no pressure Dan, but I felt like I saw the vision. And it has been a fun ride even though _everybody_is ahead of me in the queue. That’s ok…I’m patient.