Oh UPS, you're killing me. AKA I'm trapped in my home

So we’ve all been waiting a long time for our forges to show up, so it’s mighty exciting when you get the official notice that it’s on the way. I got my updates from the UPS My Choice over a week before the scheduled delivery time, so that was helpful and gave me plenty of time to plan.

Today is the day it should arrive, and obviously it requires that I’m home to accept it, sign for delivery, etc. Because I am hugely excited I double checked the tracking this morning on UPS and saw this lovely message:

“A late UPS trailer arrival has caused a delay. We’re adjusting plans to deliver your package as quickly as possible / Delivery will be rescheduled.”


Now, the problem here is that there is no information available on the delivery time. It is in a semi truck, somewhere north of here. Will it still come today? Will it be tomorrow? No one knows and the tracking just says “Check back later”, so I am effectively trapped in my home for the foreseeable future waiting for this to arrive. ACK.


Ouch! Just ‘the last mile’ remains…


Sad for you … almost any other package would be ok to be delivered later … just not the Glowforge!


I would be VERY tempted to have them hold it at the center and try and pick it up tonight.

VERY excited to see what you do with this laser. Your playing cards are absolutely fantastic already, I can’t imagine what you’ll create next.


Call the UPS folks direct. They’ll be able to get you better information than what it available on the website (or should be able too).

I know what your going through. My delivery date was to be on a Monday & too my amazement they delivered the Saturday b-4 & I happen to be in the shower at the time they showed up & it just so happened that my son & wife was here to sign for it. It should all turn out okay.

Call the UPS folks direct. They’ll be able to get you better information

Ha, you’d think so! But no, they have no idea beyond what I can already see. Since the package is “in Florida” they “assume” it will now be delivered tomorrow but they cannot say at all, don’t even know where it is in the state.

Nice. This is the second UPS fail for me in a week, since they botched my iPhone X delivery and arrived waaaaay after the normal time (almost 10pm…)

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I think when my time comes (for glowforge delivery) I will have them hold it first. It main facility is a bit of a hike for me, but one less trip of potential harm. I am even hesitant to have them delivery to the nearest UPS store.

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The last mile is the hardest mile! Stay positive if you can. UPS failed me as well. Waiting an additional weekend after all of this time was annoying but absolutely a 1st World problem that I survived. I’m looking forward to seeing your output.


Update: UPS managed to get my Glowforge to me today, and everything is in great shape. The box was missing one handle but was not mistreated in the least. Everything went together smoothly and other than Chrome giving some crazy flashing screen while printing (Firefox is fine) I cut the ruler perfectly.

The speed with which you can put together a design is incredible. My 5 year old wanted a “wooden coin with a shark tooth on it and my name” and I put it together and had it cut in less than 10 minutes total. So awesome.

I have SO MANY experiments to do now, particularly dialing in settings for engraving and cutting paper. I’m kind of overwhelmed with ideas on what to try but it will be fun working through all these ideas.

It has been quite the wait but I can echo what many others have said and tell you that the machine is worth it. Perfect? No, but the Glowforge is extremely well thought out and beautiful to behold. Lasering commence!


Can’t wait to see some of those ideas!

Cool! Congrats! Can’t wait to see some more cool cards! :grinning:

Oh my goodness people, you have no idea how happy this makes me. It took less than 10 minutes to convert my tuck box file and dial in settings to laser cut and score these. Once I work out the engrave settings I can make the fanciest tuck boxes around…muahahahaha!!!


Fantastic! I know you have been anticipating this day for a long time–glad it is working out so well for you.

Looks great! I’m going to be doing some similar scored & folded packaging. What weight stock are you using?


You’re one of the folks I’ve been waiting to watch. :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see what you’ll do!