Oh wow for repair and/or watch geeks

I didn’t see anywhere in the thread where the actual person was identified, but the video is too pretty not to share!


What fun! I think that would be fun to learn!


Repair videos are so satisfying.


Nice to see things repaired instead of thrown away!


So pretty!

And to think I was so proud of myself for putting my new grill together yesterday all by myself. lol. I wonder how much training goes into learning how to repair watches. So many tiny parts…


Amazing. So many tiny parts, yet he knew exactly how to put them together again.



There is a logic and often common consistency to them though so I didn’t find it as hard as some things where the knowledge seems arcane and unconnected.

In the US there are a couple of formal training schools and groups (I’m a big fan of the NY Horological Society for knowledge sharing and training networks). In Europe it starts with the British Horological Institute. (The BHI is the center of the clock and watchmaking universe - the Swiss are just the commercial upstarts :grinning:)

Most high-end watch brands still focus on the apprentice model and try to limit their hiring to their own trainees vs crossovers from other watch companies.

Certification can be brutal. You are given watches to build or repair. The repairs are needed because the very clever master watchmaker who will conduct the testing introduced deliberate flaws into the watch. Then after you’ve made your repair the watch is reviewed at high magnification and projected on the screen for all to see - and critique. It’s not for the thin skinned.

BTW, there’s a big difference between watch repairers and watchmakers. The watchmakers are at the top of the heap and part of their training is to make, by hand, those tiny little parts. Watch repairers tend not to make parts but rely on manufacturers to supply them.

I’m working in my BHI certifications but the last year put a dent in things - traveling to the UK to sit for the exams wasn’t possible. Funny that hoping for the opportunity to just sit in a testing room for days is something I’m looking forward to :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

BTW, it’s a profession in serious need of new entrants. A promising student should have no problem getting his schooling fully paid for - there just aren’t enough by a factor of ten to replace the retiring & dying.


Thank you for sharing the video! Quite enjoyable!


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