Oh yeah! the wait is over! Glowforge delivery Netherlands Europe is a success!

Out for delivery today according to UPS. And a total of €817,32 ($1003.05) on duties and taxes are due. I was expecting more like €600 so this is quite a hit. I’ll update when I have details from the invoice.

I hope it arrives in one piece as it’s an expensive piece of kit.


Mines due today too (UK).
UPS says the GF is out for delivery, but the crumbtray seems to have been held up.
Tracking info says it’s status is “exception”, whatever that means.
I’ll just have to wait and see.


My delivery showed this too for the glowforge unit, but then skipped a few steps and came on the same day in a different truck from the crumbtray. So everything may still be okay.

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**&(*^@#(*^(@^#%( I missed the courier. UPS My-choice stated ‘end of day’ so I went out for a bit.

first delivery attempt: 13:30

Phoned UPS and hope to get a call back later this afternoon to sort this out.


Doesn’t it say by the end of the day, not at the end of the day?

Sorted it out with UPS they sent the driver by again. Awesomesauce! I didn’t get an invoice through My-choice, I couldn’t pay with card. Cash to the driver :frowning:

total value stated by Glowforge: $3245.- + $478.- (pro + shipping) = $3723.- or €3023,88

Sales tax: € 662,51 ($816.15)
Import charges: €130,82 ($161.16)
Handling duties: €19,83 ($24.43)
Total €817.32 ($1006.86)

I paid

Glowforge Pro (oct 2015) $3495 (€2837,09)
Shipping 478 (€388,03) Total Import charges 1071.82 (€870,01)

Total €4095,33 ($5044.82)

Now with that out of the way I can finally start to open up that box!!

“Otherwise I wouldn’t fit in the bus” -UPS Driver

Four handles and no rips or water damage to the box!


For some reason people think those arrows mean, this side up. The driver really knows they mean this side away from the wall of the van. :smile:

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It’s working allright!

Set Tiamat up in the workshop were it is currently hovering around freezing. It’s temporary until I find it a proper home. But it works!


Yay! Great lookin’ little ruler! :grinning:

Except those weird non-standard tick marks, looks great!


I nearly had a heart attack when you listed your taxes and duties, even though you’re in the Netherlands and not France, then I realized you bought a Pro. Whew. :sweat: waits on pins and needles for my delivery

The lastest delay to Australia should work out to be an expensive one for us.
On July 30 GST (goods and services tax) of 10% will be applied to all overseas purchases… even ones ordered nearly 3 years previously

Wow this really sucks. Sorry dude :frowning:

Ouch, that hurts. :disappointed:

Super tof. Ik heb ook deze week akkoord gegeven voor levering naar Nederland. :slight_smile:
Nog best een hoog bedrag die import kosten.
Maar wat ik begrijp enkel contant afrekenen?

Normaal gesproken zou je via UPS mychoice een factuur vooruit krijgen over de mail. Dat was voor mij rede genoeg om me daar te registreren, maar dat was allemaal tevergeefs. Soms wil er nog wel eens een eenmalige SEPA machtiging bij zitten waardoor je niet contant hoeft af te rekenen, helaas alleen het geval bij de proofgrade materialen. De machine zelf moest contant en gepast afgerekend worden. 3x over gebeld, maar mocht allemaal niet baten.

Heel veel succes en wellicht een idee om een Glowforge whatsapp groep te starten met de Nederlanders? Ik ben door 2 personen benaderd en ik ben dan 3. Makkelijke manier om snel technische kennis te delen.

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Whatsapp groepje is prima, kunnen via pm wel nummers uitwisselen.
Wellicht dat de anderen nog goede acryl platen leveranciers weten.
Om nu ales via Inventables te bestellen is ook zowat :slight_smile:

My glowforge is the pro version - looking on the glowforge site they have assigned a value of 6,900. That will up the gaxes significantly - this makes this an 8k device - which is not something I intended when I purchased 2 years ago while living in Florida. Moved to Europe nearly 1 year and 9 months later - I definately would not have purchased had I known it was going to be a near 10k investment.

Did you get the pre-order discount? If so it should be less than that. The invoice with the shipping should be what you actually paid, not what it costs now.

I did get the pre-order discounnt. However, the price I paid is not reflected on the shipping page - in fact there is 1000 charged for the air filter. In fact - everything on that page seems incorrect and either inflated on the product side or nnot accurate on shipping. The shipping shows $99 - when I paid nearly 900. Something is wrong - and of course mails to support now take days to be answered.

Glowforge Pro $7,000.00 x 1 $7,000.00
Air Filter $1,000.00 x 1 $1,000.00
Glowforge Accessory Kit - Pro $0.00 x 1 $0.00
Glowforge Starter Pack Kit $0.00 x 1 $0.00
Glowforge Filter Cartridge $0.00 x 1 $0.00
Pre-order discounts: -$4,000.00
Subtotal: $6,000.00
Shipping Fees: $175.00
Air Filter Shipping $76.00 x 1 $76.00
Glowforge Shipping $99.00 x 1 $99.00
Order Total: $6,954.00