Ok...first project after the ruler

(But it is a really nice ruler… I will love it and squeeze it…). Anyway, I had company since my son is getting out of the army and I think I’ve mentioned the grandson is in the Batman phase… (and I guess who isn’t?).

In process…

And finished… one very happy customer. And a happier grandad.


Way to go grandad! :sunglasses::+1:
(That cute face says it all!)


Payment in smiles like that is pretty priceless!


Way cool!
Grandhood is our payoff for making it this far.


He looks very happy, indeed! Nice work!

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Sweeeeeeet! love it. (both the gift and the reaction.)

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Yahooo! You are in business now. Enjoy creating!

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He is one lucky kid to have a grandpa with a laser! I imagine this is just the start of the wonderful things you’ll make together.

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As a follow up… I noticed that the black paint absorbed slightly into the grain. (Although if you look close…it resembles shading) if that isn’t desired… a shot of clear would seal it so it won’t streak.