OK so were does the palette file go now for inkscape 1.1?

Good grief.

got the new inkscape installed. got my GLOWBED template in place just fine.

but for some reason the palette won’t load.

it is the GIMP file circulated a while back. or has it been so long I forgot to edit the name/header? and that’s why it isn’t appearing?


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Did it appear in the palettes list? I don’t have 1.1 but I doubt they changed the palette selector ?

You put the palette in place In the correct folder, restart Inkscape then select the palette from the list by clicking on the rectangle all the way over on the right of the current palette. It should list all of the ones you have installed.

If you did all that and it’s not working… uhh I got nothin.

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I uninstalled 1.1, to may bugs, kept crashing on me.

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Windows or mac?

Windows 10

Mine is here if that helps:


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That is what I did.

Very odd. Put the template in place that worked fine. Palette is being cranky. makes no sense

that is where I put it. apparently I didn’t hold my tongue right when I dropped the file in there though.



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