Ok who is vanessa and why does she have access to my glowforge?

I found an earlier post about the same issue, but it was closed, so… Vanessa is listed as a user on my glowforge. I don’t know a Vanessa! Who is this chick, and why does she have access to my glowforge? I’m curious to the backstory here but can someone at glowforge get rid of this chick from my machine and tell me how she got on. Thanks! (vanessa.silvanetto@flex.com)


Flex is the company that owns the factory where the Glowforge is assembled. That must be the account they used to test your machine but they forgot to remove it when they were done. Several other people have reported the same thing happening.


You can easily remove it yourself. If you go to the app, click on your name and then settings. Click on Users and then click on the user’s name it will ask if you want to remove their access.

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@josephtpage is correct, you can remove it yourself. Here is what the screen looks like (names redacted).


Interesting. I had never checked for other users. Not a selection that was in my workflow. Found that there were four Flex employees assigned to my unit. They be gone now.


@joe thank you for providing the visual, I was in a rush when I answered and didn’t have the time.


Good call. I forgot about this what with all the burning and vapor trails being made.

Found a name on mine as well, fellow named Victor. Say tah tah to ol’ Vic. Gonna miss you pal.

Thanks everyone! So much appreciated!

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Thanks for the help everyone! @sarahnysales I’ve verified that the user has been removed from your Glowforge. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!