Old century furniture

I have cut all of the free ones out but I wish there was a couch and and a side chair and 2 small end tables for the couch that would make this set complete.

Sounds like a great design challenge for you!


The “Free Laser Design” section is actually for sharing the files you create with other users. I’m going to move this topic to “Everything Else,” so that maybe you can get more discussion on it.


I’m presuming you’re talking about a design that’s either in the catalog or was posted here in the forum - can you link to what you’re talking about? The designer may very well be here and may have more files for sale…


Now you have an idea how it is done :slightly_smiling_face: that makes it easier to take the next step yourself. If not familiar with the design tools Inkscape and Gimp cost no money to use and there is lots of help to learn.

Thank You

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