Old Files Say Open Path

A number of files I have used dozens of times and haven’t opened since I first made them are now giving me an open path error. I checked the files and there’s nothing new going on so I’m unclear what would cause this especially since I’ve cut them so many times before. I’ve searched open path and found a bunch of information but nothing about why it would be happening to files I used less than a month ago on the same machine. I really don’t want to go through and remake them all so I’m hoping there’s an easy fix.

The Glowforge engineers are continually making software changes to try to make improvements. One very common complaint that I have seen is where designs with open paths will engrave with random lines going across the artwork. My guess is that they are trying to detect designs with open paths so that these random lines will be prevented. It’s only a guess.


That actually makes so much sense because I have had an odd random line in some of my work and the weird thing is that it’s not every time. I’ve searched the files and there’s no invisible paths so I’ve been utterly confused especially since it’s maybe 1 out of every 100 that I’ve made of a specific file. You’d think if it was an issue with the file it would be consistent. I was hoping there’d be an easy fix for this though because it’s happening with about 6 of my SVGs and I really don’t have time remake them from scratch but I’ve eliminated any and all paths that could have been an issue and still can’t get them to work.

If it’s an open path, exact position on the bed in terms of orientation (rotation) would determine if or where a line appeared attempting to close an open path I think.


Often I find the open paths are actually 2 nodes directly on top of each other - you wouldn’t have to remake the art entirely, just find that open path. Depending on what program you use, some of them have better searches than others. You could also post one of your pieces here and someone else could help find it - and then you’d have a better idea of what to look for in the others…

None of those is an easy fix sadly, but that random line thing has been a problem from the beginning because what the laser sees and what we see is slightly different!