Old time radio for Dot

I’m missing a creative gene so this was inspired by a FB post. I loved his take on the old-time radio so decided to make my own to house the many Echo Dots around our house. My dad’s second career included selling Zenith televisions so naturally mine is a Zenith brand :smile:

The first try I didn’t allow enough room for the cord as it sticks out of the Dot pretty far. Will post the file if anyone is interested. The basic box was made using the boxes.py website.


That is adorable! :grinning:


I’m interested. Might be able to adapt for the google home?

Do you want it for the Google home mini? I’m happy to modify it to fit the mini in the morning if you need help.

Here is the original file. It is 95x95 mm interior by 45 mm deep, made with 3mm draftboard. Of course, any 3mm material will work.

Edited: File in post 7 below.


Much nicer than looking at the Dot!

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Like it!

I really dig the design

How very cool of you to share your design. GF owners with Dots rejoice! Also, very nice of you to offer a redesign for a Google Home Mini. :blue_heart::green_heart::orange_heart:

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I really wasn’t liking how the cord came out the back and has to twist so I modified it so the cord now comes straight out the side. Also tweaked the design on the front a little.

Below is version 2.



That is exactly what I was going to say!

absolutely LOVE! Did you ever mod it to fit the google home mini? I have an echo dot… somewhere in this house of mine. Wish it was plugged so I could ask it where it is.


Oh, very cute! Great vintage vibe. Maybe you should peel the mask off before cutting and allow the smoky edges to add to the vintage look.

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I didn’t. Just a quick search I see there are different Google models just like there are different Echos. I asked above about the mini but never received a response. If you would like one for a mini let me know and I’ll pull up the dimensions. Just might have to ask you questions about the cord as that is what messed up my first echo one.

Edited: I tend to have too much free time on my hands so once I figure out how to do things I don’t mind making tweaks for others. I don’t use my GF for business.

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