Older designs have lost settings

I recently went to look at some older designs I had uploaded to the Glowforge app, and I noticed that all of them had lost their cut settings. Newer designs I’ve made seem to retain their settings. Is there any way to restore the cut settings for these older designs?

This is just a guess, but the very first glow forges had different power settings. Those power settings would not be effective on the current machines.

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Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that this has occurred. We have had some adjustments over the last year that may have caused your previous settings to be removed, as we have released new features and firmware. Could you let me know how far back, and what designs are being affected?

It appears that the first item in my list that still has its settings was made around October 2020. The last item before that was probably made around May 2020, and does not have its settings.

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