OMG mavrick & his F18 have LEFT the BUILDING

I installed my AC Infinity fan today into my venting system… I can hear!!!

doing a ‘smoke test’



Isn’t it amazing how quiet the machine really is? I wonder why they put such a loud fan in it to begin with.

I can’t stand how loud my fan is! Did you remove / disable the fan and use an external one?

Yer Darn tootin’!


i turned the internal fan off in the preferences, because my venting sits tight and flat against the wall, I had to get creative and build a way for my AC infinity to live ‘outside’
(I will post how I did it, once i’m done installing it / testing it)
(before the peanut gallery has a chance to tell me how bad it is) :slight_smile:

But OMG the sound difference, there is still a mid pitch whine as the laser goes back and forth
but that seems like a great way to listen / monitor as well as 'watch monitor on my computer screen.


Awesome thank you! I don’t mind the noise of the head moving, it’s pretty cool, but the whole house is affected with the fan noise running because we’re mostly open plan.

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All-in-one solution and the volume of a fan is largely from the blade size, blade count and RPM (ignoring pitch, etc.). A 4” fan has to spin a lot of RPMs to move that kind of air.

The frequency has a lot to do with it as well! The fans I have on the trotec are about the same dB as the Glowforge fan, but it’s a different frequency that I’m not as sensitive to, I guess.


Look i don’t care if the fan is as loud as tractors having sex, there no longer in the SAME ROOM AS ME!

" Splendid Isolation" – WARREN ZEVON


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