Omni Wheel



I didn’t see this posted in the forum = thought it was an interesting laser project. Shino Onoderas laser-cut omni-wheel design. Her design is available for download (quite a few pieces!!!)

The fact that there are no bearings or plastic pieces is amazing. what do you think?

or if you just want food…


Wooden Tony Stark would be proud.


If you could only find a way to power each axis of motion seperate from the rest, you have a winner. That is insane. I nominate this to the beta testers to try!


An ignorant Brit asks #234

What is Pi Day?


March 14th. Also 3/14/year. …

A recent geek holiday that involves eating pie in celebration of one of the most famous math ratios.

Also look up pi day spoons. I plan to make one…


Ah, a date that can’t happen in Britain! We should probably celebrate it on 31/4 (31st of April)


You people with your reversed dates… No white house entrance for you!


Er, excuse me?
Who reversed the dates exactly?
Is that one of your American ‘Alternative Facts’? :smiley:


Just a guess but likely a day where they use Raspberry Pis to make things.




I believe we fixed it for you after we got rid of that pesky German who was threatening the continent a few years back. Looks like the fix didn’t take though :grinning:



What about Star Wars day on May the 4th (be with you)?


Whith ith the thame ath my birthday. A lithping thelebration! Then there’s March 4th…the only day of the year which a command to go forward. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wink:


Don’t forget Free Slurpee Day (US, 7-11)


Playing Pie Face should be mandatory on Pi Day! :smiley_cat:


Or, my personal favorite, Whip’em Out Wednesdays! (WOW!)


I hadn’t heard of that one, but I am certainly a proponent of equal rights for all, which absolutely includes the choice of how and whether to effect raiment for the superius corpus.


It was back when we used to be able to listen to O&A here in the Philly area. Good times… good times…
I still see WOW! stickers on peoples’ cars sometimes.