Omniforge1 finally online!


After what seems like an eternity, I finally have internet service to the Omniforge1 location and have printed the Founder’s Ruler. Many more exciting projects to come…


Congratulations! :champagne:


Yahoooo! It’s a lovely ruler. You are gonna have lots of fun now!


Great news.


So cool! :sunglasses:


don’t care how many times I see it - the Glowforge Founder ruler is a thing of beauty and sends a wave of Squeee! through my heart :squeeee: Congrats!




That’s awesome! Anything going to be involving those gas cylinders sitting back there?!


Totally agree with @cynzu …that sends squeee all through me! Congrats! (And come back once in a while to show us the goodies … can’t wait to see what you make!) :smile:


Woohoo! Congrats!


So many ideas, so little time, but I now have a laser tool to help me in my mad adventures. Muahaahahaha…(fakes sinister laugh).


Great! Enjoy the creative journey :sunglasses:


Now the pressure is on…(kidding)…we’ll all be right here waiting to see the wonderful things that you make. You’ll be having so much fun, now! Hooray!


Yes! Congrats. So looking forward to what your creative and mad-scientist mind can come up with!


Congrats! I agree, I’ll never get tired of seeing that ruler! Have fun!


The ruler rules!


Huzzah! Very happy for you :slight_smile:


One laser to RULE them all! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yea!! Super excited for you! :smiley:


Hey hey! That’s great! Welcome to the club!