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I accidentally made a duplicate topic, so this one is morphing into a new projects topic. I started with the Founders ruler and will add to this today, Omniforge1 willing.
Much more to come…


OUTSTANDING!! Now go laser all the things!


Original duplicate post modified to this one.


That’s one way to get the likes! :grin:

I’m really excited to see what you come up with and how you incorporate the Glowforge into your experiments.


First, I must get my feet wet and just cut some things and learn the design software. I hope to begin prototyping my superfilter. The first prototypes will be made out of acrylic so I can see what is happening to the smoke and other particulates, where they accumulate, clog points, etc. If someone is interested, I need help with constructing engineering drawings of each prototype and someone proficient in joining thick acrylic to help construct them.


I tried some preliminary projects at making coasters for a friend out of Proofgrade maple plywood. First, I made some smaller ones with the lighter engrave setting, then one with the darker engrave setting.

Smaller, lighter, first with paper, then without.

The larger, darker weeded.


Came out great! That is a really cute image.


I really like how well the shading came out on the darker one. Nice job!


Yeah, that bottom one is my favorite. (Love the name of the brewery too - awesome graphic!) Chuckle! :sunglasses:


The coasters look fantastic. I love the name and logo.


It is a modest little place, but quickly becoming a preferred local hot spot. My buddy, Austin, and I are the Norm and Cliff of the place. A number of new business collaborations have sprung up while enjoying a pint here. Whether it’s discussing warp drive with the head of astrophysics at UT, pondering the works of H.P. Lovecraft, or developing a new brew, this place has some lively conversations. Nine months ago, a woman noticed my cracked cell phone and gave me a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. She is a research physicist at the Spallation Neutron Source/ORNL and many eye glazing discussions have ensued.

Owner Aaron at the bar below.


I built a large (3’W x2’ H x 18" D) saltwater drip filtration/sump for a large aquarium from 1/4" acrylic and found the material a joy to work with.

With square (not laser cut) smooth edges just use masking tape to assemble and hold (tightly) the pieces together, and feed Weldon solvent into the joints with a syringe or needle tipped squeeze bottle.
Capillary action will carry the solvent along the joints and is easily visible as it bleeds along the joint. You will see if the joints are tight on not by the wetting between them.

If asthetic are a concern, be careful not to overfill the joint or the solvent will bleed under the masking tape and mar the finish on the acrylic.

I had never worked with acrylic before, and the filter box was strong and waterproof for all the years I dumped thousands of dollars into a saltwater reef tank.


Much of the preliminary design work for my new filter has been completed and looking to make a 1/4 scale acrylic mockup first to test techniques. This will be much easier because I Have A Laser!!


I thought about etching grooves in the acrylic, lightly wetting the groove with solvent, then inserting a vertical piece.


Another local spot is considering the purchase of coasters. Here are pics, unweeded and weeded. I need to learn how to cut away the background image in the original file. There is a burr on the lower right where I used a pen inprecisely to trace.

It needs a bit of work yet with centering too. Lol


Make the file b&w and that should get rid of the background. Or do a trace of the original and set your design software to remove the background. Quick & easy.




Didn’t I see where @marmak3261 used ctrl :arrow_right: or ctrl :arrow_left: in the GFUI to adjust contrast in a raster image? Is there a listing of these shortcuts in the GFUI or for the GFUI?


These are great! Love the logo and the darker etch.


Nope. Just in the forum messages. @Dan has confirmed a few of them (or revealed them in response to another). They might be in the user manual for production units but I haven’t seen one of those.