On cut it always leaves just a hair from going though but it enough to not be a good project

I use the set focus doesnt cut though
.227 is the thinkness of wood when I make a custom setting .230 still doesnt cut though at full power an speed 150. or any speed.
the level say gf is within .01 to being levle on 4 corner. I ve been trying for 6 month and I cant get good cuts each time

This sounds like non-Proofgrade material, is that the case? For cut issues, support will probably want you to run a Gift of Good Measure on a piece of draftboard (included for testing).

As for non-PG, 150 sounds just a touch fast. Have you tried slowing it down a bit?

yes its non gf but does go though on proof either. ill slow down more

The material height to laser cutting-ness can be really counter-intuitive. That set focus/material height only tells the laser where to focus and adjusts the GF camera view. It doesn’t tell it “the material is thicker, need more cut mojo”. By telling it that your material is thicker than it is, the laser focal point moves up and defocuses a bit when it hits your material so it cuts worse because less focused power is getting to your material. Leave your material height at either set focus or the actual number and slow your speed and/or increase your power as @jbmanning5 suggests to get more “cut mojo”.


The manual focus setting has nothing to do with how deep the GF will cut. If 150 isn’t working for you, try slowing down by 10s until you have consistent cuts, then save your settings.


thank you

you can always make multiple passes as well…

Something I quickly learned–before moving the board, try to wiggle the item you were cutting out to see if it moves–when it’s cut fully, you’ll feel & see it shift, but if not, then you can run another cutting pass & not lose the whole project/board.

And if you’re not doing so already, be sure to pin your material to ensure it’s flat against the board. (This also helps prevent it from shifting when you do the above test). Tapping it you can hear the the difference between an area that’s tight against the tray and more pingy/hollow sound when there’s a gap.

And alas, material properties do change with environment–whether our own, or during shipping & storage–usually we rarely notice, but for laser systems, higher humidity especially can require speed/power adjustments vs. the “ideal” conditions used for setting up PG (I’m guessing it was 70F at 30% RH).

If doing a lot of intricate cuts, it can help to do a cut in the center, ignoring the others, then pin the center edges down, then ignore than cut and resume the rest of the job–this is because the internal stresses within many boards can change once there’s a cut, and what may have seemed flat before can pop up a bit…


A good cleaning on the mirrors and lenses can’t hurt, and may just be the problem…

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