On its way

Got my email Oct 30 2017 confirmed same day. Just got shipping modification from ups for ProofGrade package.

Now time to put in for time off…


Same notification date here. Got my ProofGrade email last night. I have high hopes that I will get the magic notification from UPS next week that my GF is on the way!



Congrats to both! :grinning:


Great! Never had so much fun watching other people get stuff! Seeing what they do with their new tool is the cherry on top. :sunglasses:


It’s probably just your Proofgrade that was shipped. You still have some waiting to do.

Well the cat won’t be sitting on it. we don’t have one. :slight_smile:

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Whats the typical wait after you get the machine itself?

I’m on the same schedule:

10/20/2015: Order/Purchase
10/30/2017: Shipping Email “Golden Ticket”
11/07/2017: UPS notification for materials (from Smyrna, TN)
11/08/2017: Materials Delivery (scheduled)
11/08/2017: Sailbyc freaking out about being behind on preparations for workspace, material storage and venting.



I got my notification Friday NOVEMBER 3 2017 (a day earlier than expected date) answered same day. I live 29.5 miles from the Flex factory in the east bay ( San Francisco bay). No further notification yet. How long to travel 29.5 miles? I’ll let the forum know.


You might already know this, but if you’re that close to the factory there’s a good chance the :glowforge: will show up before you get the “Your Glowforge is on its way” email from Glowforge. Best bet is to sign up for UPS MyChoice (if you haven’t already done so) to hopefully prevent it from showing up at your house without someone there to receive it.


Thanks I got ll the bases covered. Somvisy is always here and I’ve got the ups notifications on.

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Got the ups notification Friday 11-10-17 and the Glowforge email today 11-13-17 on the proof grade material.

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Got the proof grade material on the 17th just another pile of stuff to collect dust if I don’t have the Glowforge. still no notice of shipment for the unit. Still time to get it before tha
thanksgiving. shouldn’t take more than two days to get here form Flex 29 miles away.

Well the Glow forge arrived today. no word from GF, the ups people arrived at the door about noon and said where would you like it. My ups had nothing posted until about an hour before the package arrived, fortunately there was someone home at the time. The ups delivery people would only get to the door so I went home and hauled it inside. 30 miles from the plant and the box was taped up after what looked like a drop. all 4 handles were still there two had been taped over. I was able to take the time for a preliminary unpacking before getting back to work,
and every thing looked ok no broken glass or leaking fluid… However I ordered a PRO unit which appears to have been delivered but the accessory package says basic. all that is in the package is the crumb tray and the exhaust hose. NO glasses no pro shields. Ill do a full unpacking later tonight and give support a call or email tomorrow.


The Pro shields are installed inside the unit, and the glasses are in there as well.

I really hope so, I’m like roughly 35 miles away from the factory… and my estimated shipping notification is today.

We’ll see.

Well I finally got time to unpack and set up the forge. The pro shields are installed. The glasses, print head , lense tool are all neatly packaged inside the unit. The only thing damaged in shipping was the box. I’m less than 30 miles from flex but fedx took the long way here up the peninsula to south San Francisco then back across the bay to Hayward. Printed the founders ruler and called it good. A couple pictures of the chief inspector checkin out the package damage.


Chief inspector needs a cookie for a job well done.


What an adorable dog! At first I thought it was a stuffed animal, he’s so perfect.

I don’t think Chief inspector’s shoe game is safe for work… makes me doubt his judgement.
Lol check this pic.

Or maybe is just my mind playing tricks on me.

On a serious note, congrats!