On/off switch location

Just curious, what was the reason for putting the on/off switch in the back, at the bottom. I realize that printers have had them back there for eons but why stay with tradition when it makes no sense? Is it because we might accidentally bump it and turn it on or off? You could make it a double tap, put a finger guard over it or 10 other safeties, to me it’s like putting the hot and cold water knobs under the sink or keeping your tv remote on top of the tv or… this is fun, but really, why?


I think it’s because you want it near where the power enters the box and you want the plug in the back for aesthetics and closer to the outlet.


. . . also out of the way of little fingers ?


This would make switch location irrelevant:

Dewenwils Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch, RF Remote Control ON OFF Light Switch Kit, No Interference, 15 AMP Heavy Duty, 100’ Range, Compact Side Plug https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HWB0TPU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_XwFpBbTG3ZY30

Just plug it in and leave the GF switch on at all times, no more reaching to the back.

I use one of these, connected to my Homecontrol and Alexa. Works great, and this one allows me to monitor real-time electric usage: https://amzn.to/2lWrS9R

Like markwal said, it’s where the power comes in so that is where the power PCB will be. Ideally, the switch would be soldered right to the board. Placing the switch anywhere else means wires and a connector. More stuff to fail, connectors to come loose, etc… A lot of times when the switch is on the front of the unit they do it because there needs to be a bunch of other stuff run out to the front panel and if you’re running one wire you may as well run two. In the greater scheme of things not a huge deal, but try and convince an engineer of that.

As an embedded device you can safely leave the glowforge on and turn it off at your UPS or power strip which you are free to mount anywhere.


I know this is somewhat different, but… my PC has both a power switch (like the glowforge) AND a power button that is conveniently located near the front. Any reason they couldn’t do that?

On your PC the power switch is on the power supply. The power supply has a bunch of wiring harnesses coming out of it that connect to the motherboard and peripherals like the DVD and hard drive. The power button connects to a header on the motherboard. PCs are designed to be modular. The design of the PC’s case and motherboard are done independently, so this is the most practical solution. Theoretically, the power supply of the PC could come without a switch on it - so the power button is necessary. In the example of a PC it is a design necessity. Glowforge could have done it like a PC, but it wasn’t necessary and they chose not to (assuming it was ever even discussed in a design meeting.)


Oh come on guys…surely by now you’ve figured out the reason? :thinking:

:hugs:It’s because they want us to hug our Glowforges every day. :hugs:


Yeah, and about every tenth time I do I knock over the tile I have on a little stand on the side of my glowforge.

I guess I’m a slow learner.


Great question! I don’t have information on why it was designed this way, but I’ll let the team know your feedback on it’s placement.