Once again my Plus won't cut PG material properly

So a few months back I ran into issues cutting the PG Cherry 1/8th. Ran though all the trouble shooting steps, and didn’t actually find an answer, I can was able to cut that gift of good measure but when it came to any other patterns I ran into issues leaving it on default settings.

I cleaned my machine 2 days ago, only did 3 things on the laser today (lower power low intensity) when I went to make the dice tower in the premium catalog and against my better judgement I left the default settings. This is the result: PG Maple

I’m about to go try cutting the gift of good measure out of one of the failed panels and will upload lense and mirror pictures shortly as well.

If you could leave the material pinned in place and if it did not cut through, then if nothing has moved you can run it again if at all worried. A bit of tape on your finger will tell you if the piece is loose and can be lifted out.

The work will certainly not be ruined more by cutting it again so almost everything I cut I make sure I can cut it again by using the pins to hold it solid, even when I have no expectation that it will fail.

I have also seen a single cut blur the windows enough to have to clean them but as one cannot know til after is why I pin things solid and make sure they can cut again if that is the case.

If you send the time date and photos, support will likely replace the sheets of proofgrade.

Also Old MDF does not cut as well as new MDF YMMV

I have yet to be able to double cut on the same project, it’s always offset and can’t ever get the alignment setup right

If the material is solidly fixed, and the Precision Placement numbers are not changed, it will cut at exactly the same place no matter what it looks like on the screen.


Will confirm the truth of this.

The first part is key. Don’t move anything.

Not in the bed, not in the design screen.

Move nothing.

I have a dental like pick I use to prod at my cuts to make sure of the cut out before moving anything.


Your mirror and lens look pretty dirty and/or worn in the photos. It could just be that they’re difficult to photograph, but if the mirror doesn’t look like a perfectly clean mirror, and the lens has scratches or other mars that aren’t coming out with alcohol, you might need to clean or replace those. A little smoke on the mirror is enough to cause cutting problems for me at least, it doesn’t take much.

If they’re clean and a job doesn’t cut through at PG settings on PG material, note the date and time, and send photos to support@glowforge.com. They’ll give you a gift card to replace the material at their expense.

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