Once you've accepted delivery

…about how long does it take for actual delivery? Asking for a friend. :smiley:


I got my address confirmation on the 10th, no shipping notification yet - hopefully soon though!

From what I have read on the forum it greatly varies…

Not sure currently what the lead is, but it was right around 4 weeks last November There are a lot of threads about this, searching about will probably get you more recent info.

It can vary pretty widely. The email says up to six weeks.

For us, it was pretty damn fast. Golden Ticket 11/27, shipment notification 11/30, delivery 12/2.

Was that domestic or international…? :slight_smile:

Very domestic. Didn’t even change time zones. :slight_smile:

I see… :slight_smile:
Just got my Golden Ticket yesterday, so I’m trying to find the approximate time for the delivery… :stuck_out_tongue:
(However since I’m located in Iceland it will probably take a bit longer than yours) :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

I have no doubt your Glowforge really wants to get to Iceland. :slight_smile:

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I accepted delivery of my Basic on March 6, 2018 and it was at my house, printing on March 15, 2018. That’s a lot faster than I expected!

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Not as fast as if you lived in Northern California, but international deliveries go be air, so faster from factory to doorstep than most of the US.

Of course you pay for it. Ouch.


Got my golden email 9 March, Proofgrade material arrived a week later. Actually, the Proofgrade arrived two days before the email telling me it had shipped, That really got my hopes up. However, still waiting on Glowforge shipping email. Patience is a virtue? :slight_smile:

Considering they sent out what seemed like all remaining domestic basic emails on March 9th, anyone in that camp is likely seeing a longer wait than that (probably up to the full 6 weeks). I’m guessing it may be another couple of weeks for me since I ordered in September of last year.

My brother got his email march 5th, has his forge on the 13th in Chicagoland.

I got my email Feb 16th, and had it 2 weeks and 4 days later.


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