One Instance of a triplicated design not Rendering the Same as the Other Two

I have a design with three colors. The design was duplicated to make three instances of the design and the center one rotated 180 degrees to optimize the use of material. The one that was rotated renders differently from the other two. The rendering of the rotated instance does not show the three different color paths and was not cut differentially . That being said, it did cut as rendered.
How can I get the rotated instance to render correctly?

Also, my piece of wood that I cut was just wide enough for the layout and I placed it directly under the camera. I centered the design on the wood using the GUI, but the cut was made to the left of where I had centered it. I would have though that the positioning would have been more accurate directly under the camera. How can I get the cut path positioned correctly on my work piece. This is cherry wood that I milled and finished myself and I do not have material to waste. I will show the work and materials in a separate post.

If you have a special irreplaceable piece of material, it would be a great idea to score or cut a jig for placement before using it.

Draw a rectangle of a different color around your artwork, the same dimensions as the piece of wood. Score that lightly first on a sheet of paper tape laid down on the grid. Do not process the other operations (set them to Ignore). Once you have the marks on the paper tape, place the material exactly on the outline, and then run the other operations. Do not change the position of the items on the screen, even if it looks like they do not line up with the scored lines on the tape - just set the outside rectangle to Ignore and turn all of the other operations back on. Only change items in the thumbnail column, not on the bed of the display.

If you do not move the material or the images on the screen, they will fall perfectly onto the material where they should. (If it’s a small piece of material that can be shifted by the air assist, tape it into place or use magnets to keep it from moving.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the tips. I pulled my design into illustrator and the rotated part showed that the colors were missing. I replaced that part in inkscape and tested in illustrator. It rendered correctly in illustrator and the glowforge GUI. Still a mystery why the first design looked fine in incscape and not in illustrator and the GUI.

Thank you @Jules for you help!

@jgf I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread, if you hit any other snags please feel free to open a new thread.

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