One last bit of bad luck from 2016


2016 has been all about bad things happening beyond control or a normal amount of precautions. Lightning struck a tree causing a branch to fall on the only other thing in the wide open yard, daughters’ swingset, washer drum broke off it’s mounts the night before I crucially needed to use it, the flood resulting in sewer backup etc.

But there was one more thing that had to get me before the year was up.

Last Saturday on Christmas Eve, I was bringing some 2-liter bottles down to the downstairs Mancave fridge, when one of them(Diet Coke) ripped from the flimsy Walmart plastic bags and it landed cap down, right on my big toe. Right on the space between the knuckle and the base of the foot. Yes, swelled profusely, turned many shades of purple I didn’t expect it could do, and feels like a break.

To be fair though, was only the second most excruciatingly painful event of the evening. All of my in-laws came over a few hours later.


Oh man, dude. That sucks. 2017 should be a better year!


I predict worse as all the fallout of the bad news now takes effect…


I really hope this year is a major improvement for you.


Thank God 2016 is over for you.

Glowforge :glowforge: ahead for you this year!!:squee:


This year will definitely be better. This year will be Glowforge year! :relieved:


Sux about the toe…done that too often to even think about, and it hurts! Usually can’t even wear shoes for a while. (The in-laws thing… :smile:) You surely did have your share of bad luck last year sawa, maybe 2017 will be all roses and sunshine to balance it out. I hope so.

2016 was about a lot of unpredictable accidents …I guess I came within a whisker of being widowed Saturday night…hubs was taking the convertible to pick up some Mexican food, and the brakes totally failed. (Good thing we don’t have hills around here…he got it stopped before rolling into the smash-'em-up intersection filled with early New Year’s celebrators in SUVs.)

Worse, he was only having to go pick up food in the first place because my computer was crashing and I wanted to deal with that. So I’m not sure if 2016 was good or bad…lots of aggravation, right up to the very end, but thankfully no serious injuries, despite an above-average number of near misses last year. Maybe it was good luck.

(Or maybe my karma needs some serious tweaking. Chuckle!)

2016 was just an unsettling year…maybe 2017 will be a little quieter. (hope)


2017 is a prime number so it will definitely be unique


This is what I did to my big toe in 2007: The nail only recovered fully some time last year.


Yahhhh!..That hurt! :neutral_face:


Man, what a day, hope you are recovering. Lucky you didn’t have a mentos on your foot at the time… Seriously, know the pain (horse stamped my big toe right there, not fun) and big toe fractures really hurt.

Just a note, if it is the proximal tarsal bone (what you described) you may want an x-ray as if this is a displaced fracture it could need a pin or could heal really off (most time we just tape it to the adjacent toe, but sometimes you get very unlucky).


I liked to provide support, not because I liked what happened to you. So sorry about that, and here’s hoping all that bad luck is behind you.


Good thing we have a doctor in the house!


Especially since this week I am 3D printing a bunch of surgical planning models for my podiatry colleagues. Those are some nasty fractures!


The swelling has gone down a lot and I have a hard sole support ace wrapped tightly on it since. I think it will be OK


It just doesn’t seem right hitting the word like for this post😳

So sorry for all your difficulties last year.

Hears to a better new year!!!


Thanks @henryhbk from all of us I’m sure. For all your doctor-y knowledge!!! :smiley:


:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: Oh how I feel your pain lol


It’s like I’ve been rolling natural 1’s


Hopefully you used up your entire life’s worth of bad luck in 2016.