One Line font in Inkscape

Which font in Inkscape is only one line when scoring? And yes I know about the Hershey Txt but it’s not working for me. There is a font that is one line but I can’t remember what it is :frowning: HELP!

AFAIK the answer is Hershey - but if that’s not working for you here are a bunch of posts on the question:

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I didn’t like the AV Hershey simplex for a fast score because it looked more like a hallow font than a single line and maybe I had a winner with a contemporary called NEONEON.
Alas, it also got complicated as just another hallow single line, so I ended up making my own based on it. With the distorted look, it only works if the message is not the prime object in the project. Not a disappointment so much as an observation.

The results will really be worth the search if you can find a true single line and are doing a lot of text, as the example for defocus below shows. The only char was when it was used for a one minute engrave.

I never went back and tried Neoneon or AV Hershey as a defocus project, but just thinking about this again makes me think it would have solved that hallow text look, since the fatter lines would have overlapped into a thicker one, much like the 3 overlapping true single line example.

Hmm. I see an old rabbit hole squirming and trying to open. Let’s go poke it.


Did not take long.
And yes, defocus eliminates that double line look.
Test used unmodified Neoneon and AV Hershey Simplex.
So if using any thin font, a defocus should work and allow a score instead of an engrave.


HI there. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had some trouble with a font in Inkscape. It sounds like you’ve been getting some great tips and advice from fellow Community members. Because this is dealing with Inkscape related fonts and manual settings, I’m going to move this to our Beyond the Manual so the discussion can continue in there. Thank you!


Thanks, I bookmarked the text2vector tool for future use.

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