One more centerpiece done

Helicopters will be a part of their lives as he is going to aviation mechanic school and hoping to work on them. I made a cake topper for their engagement party so I used that as an inspiration for the center piece. Proof Grade med. Maple for the helicopters and non proof grade blue acrylic (0.216 in). The top and rear rotors can spin. I hope you enjoy.

Here is the zip: (38.3 KB)


Being an A&P is good challenging work. I’ve worked choppers for the last 30 years as an avionics tech and my so in law is a A&P and works mere feet away.


your designs have been very inventive (and awesome), thanks for sharing them.

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When they are all done, I hope you will stage them all together in one photo.

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Hopefully at the wedding venue.

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I really like this one … Great work!