One problem after another

I was so excited to get my Glowforge and now it is just a constant cause of stress.
It is a new problem every day.
It won’t cut through anything and if I do get it to cut, it is scorching it.
And in the past week, four different times it has said that it is ready to print, I push the start button and then it says “cooling down”. I have only cut two small things today and it is doing it.

I have cleaned it every other day and again this morning including the air assist fan.

I just can’t believe all of the problems I am having with it.

I need some suggestions.


You’ve opened a support ticket by posting here. They’ll be along soon, but in the meantime the community can try to help out. :slight_smile:

Can you cut a Gift of Good Measure on PG material using the default PG settings, and post photos of front and back? That will help us get started.

Also, what model do you have, and what’s the temperature in the room?


Happy birthday Ruth! :balloon:

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Have you verified that the lens was installed correctly?

Replace Lens

Flip the lens tool until the “Install” arrow points up. Set the lens down on the lens tool. The open side goes away from the blue plastic, so it looks like a bowl on top of the tool. It will sit firmly on the tool and will not wiggle. Slide the lens tool up into the printer head until the magnet clicks, then remove the tool.

I know you are upset however there are things you have to rule out from your end. It sounds like you have several issues all of which could be attributed to the same thing. If by chance you removed your air assist fan for cleaning is it possible you replaced it upside down? It should clearly blow smoke toward the front of the machine when cutting. If it isn’t doing that you can end up with wide cuts, shallow cuts, flare ups and over heating. If you did not remove that fan then is it running? Maybe it needs cleaning and you’ve missed it? If none of that is relevant then check the air flow from inlet to exhaust hose and make sure there are no obstructions or excess resin build up. Do you have the exhaust fan turned off? Are you using an external filter and if so is it full? What is the air temp in the room?
The Glowforge Basic is designed for use between 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius) and 75°F (24°C). The Pro has an expanded operating range up to 81°F (27°C).
Lastly, you are probably over cleaning the machine and by doing so you risk knocking something loose each time you are in there. For sure keep all the lenses clean and occasionally the fans but I seriously doubt you need to clean daily.

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Yes the lens is installed properly

How can you possibly put the air assist fan in backwards? The wheels go toward the front to clip over the bar. I have watched several videos and put it in the way that they instruct and the way the GF instructions tell you to.
I don’t know how I am to check whether the fan is running - it is loud as always. How would that get turned off?
The temperature in my home is 72 degrees.

Now it just shut down in the middle of a job and said it was “cooling”.

Some people on here have removed the fan from the carriage for cleaning and then screwed it on upside down.
Since you didn’t do that then is it blowing smoke toward the front when cutting? You probably won’t hear it running over the sound of the exhaust fan.
Since you can hear the loud fan (exhaust) it is obviously not turned off. It can be turned off here:

Is the inlet under the right side of the machine clear? The inlet fan draws air up into the machine and can easily suck a piece of paper up restricting the airflow.


I double-checked to make sure that the Glowforge air filter hadn’t been turned off and it is on. I am going to try to check the inlet fan but not sure where exactly I am looking.

I can not believe how much I have to troubleshoot this machine. Something is always going wrong with it.

I need to find out why it isn’t cutting and why it keeps quitting and saying “cooling down” right during a cut.

I do not have any PG material as Glowforge has been out of stock since before I got my machine.
I have the Plus.

The inlet fan draws air from under the right side.

I looked under the right side and I do not see anything stuck in there.

The inlet fan is under the right side front of the GF. Just make sure the right side front is unobstructed and it should be okay.

I did and there is no obstruction

I can’t believe that no one from Glowforge has reached out to try to help me with this.

They’ll be along. They get slammed this time of year, and struggle to keep up. That’s why we try to help out in the meantime!

Well, I have been having nothing but problems. The inconsistency of this machine is ridiculous! The same piece of wood - cutting 7 ornaments - 2 turn out alright, the other 5 are scorched and didn’t cut through.
I have done everything that has been suggested.

The amount of time I spend having to re-cut orders or using my exacto knife to finish the cut because the Glowforge didn’t do it, not to mention the money that I am wasting. This machine is not worth it. Very disappointed.

Very disappointed that Glowforge has not responded to my post and tried to help me with the issues I am having.

I’m still waiting on a response from Tuesday