Ongoing sample chain project


As I try out new materials I add a new sample to my chain.
In addition to the material name, my BF suggested being able to put down where materials come from, which I though would be useful in the future (right now i have mostly proofgrade).


might be cool to engrave some settings on the back, too. at least for opaque samples.


i have been keeping a notebook where i jot things like that down.


Cool idea, thanks for sharing!


I keep them in OneNote.


I pretend I am going to take notes and then I promptly get distracted. Typically with something else I should be taking notes on :-/


Great idea!


I absolutely love OneNote!


Absolutely Microsoft’s best product, IMHO


I really like OneNote but it drives me nuts how the versions are so different. Mac, Windows, the other kind of Windows, web… Which platform gets which features seems semi-random.

But it’s still pretty great.


This makes the neat freak in me very pleased. I might have to create something similar to display in the office!


I like the chain to keep them all together! I just have little sample squares sitting on my machine, now I’ll have to get them on the chain and hung on a hook!


OCD is my friend


nice idea… I was wondering if anyone on the forum has a list of settings they would like to share.