Online leather working course?

Does anyone know of an online video course (cheap, preferably) for learning leather work?


Can’t say how good these are, but from my experience with Skillshare, if you know nothing they’re usually good for getting starting with something (assuming it’s a solid teacher). If you know something, these type of videos are usually good for a tidbit of info they toss in while talking about other stuff, but that means sitting through more than hour of review stuff to glean that one little bit of info you never knew but helps some.

They’ve also got a lot of Illustrator tutorials for anyone who wants to learn before your Glowforge arrives.


I don’t know of an online leather working course, but I highly recommend the site

There are tons and tons of youtube videos as well. The only caveat there is that you probably want to look at the instructor’s work and experience level beforehand; I notice that a lot of novices get excited and want to teach before they’ve really honed their skills, so sometimes their tips are less than stellar. Tandy Leather offers quite a few videos, and their instructors are very experienced.

What type of leatherwork are you interested in? It’s a very broad and diverse form, so knowing what type of work you’re interested in might help to narrow it down a bit.


Tandy has a lot of videos available…

Free Instructional videos


I’ve learned a lot watching Ian Atkinson on You Tube.


You’re in luck! There are a bunch of courses on Instructables, but they’re usually paid.
Some of them are free at the moment, though, and leatherworking is one of them!


Sweet! Thanks everyone!! I’ll look at them!!