OnLine Manual & Initial Test

Not having received my GF yet, I’m wondering if a User Manual is available on line? If so, where?

Also, is there an Initial Test Project that we are all supposed to run, following set-up, that determines the exact ‘condition’ of the unit? My meaning… being a required project/job that we each should run that will test the GF for everything from alignment to whatever complex tasks it should be capable of doing?

This newbie apologizes for asking, but how else would we owners know it is set-up and capable of performing all established tasks from the get-go on day one? Thanks. Happy New Year 2018!

While not required or even requested by :glowforge: the founder’s rule has become the traditional first print. It involves cuts, score and engraves in such a way that if there is a problem it will show up there.

You might want to print one or two more things that are preloaded in the GFUI as well before doing your own thing. There are several to chose from.


When you receive the email asking if you want it there should be a link to the manual. I actually went looking for the manual the other night and couldn’t find one. Instead the support (something else I think only shows once you have a unit/are receiving a unit) section of the app has these easy to use sections that are not a manual. As someone who likes manuals, but detests writing and maintaining them, I find this non-manual trend to be very annoying and a sign of coming global doom.

There is no project to verify the unit. As markevans36301 pointed out, from printing the founder’s ruler you’ll be able to tell if you’re in the minority of owners who receive a borked unit. If you’ve been hanging out here you’ll probably know that camera alignment can be off by up to a 0.25" and still be “in spec.” What can’t be off is the accuracy of the print. So if your ruler has wavy tick marks or the inch isn’t one inch then you’ll need to contact support. I don’t recall anyone whose ruler wasn’t accurate, but one person did get wavy tick lines.

To recap: what prints is supposed to be exactly what was sent to the glowforge. There is some leeway in where it prints.


The Glowforge manual can be found at;