Only 3 logins?

I just made my first project, the ruler. I video-ed it, made a little movie, put it on FB to show my friends, and then went looking for the referral link… long story short, I had to login to 3 different GF pages to find it!

That seems like something that needs improving…


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How would you improve it? It’s a link from the main site:


I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to that page, because you would still need to login to the GF app or to the forums if you login there. That’s my point.

I couldn’t find the referral link under my profile via the forums pages or via the GF app pages…

Right – the forum is a completely separate software platform called Discourse, not hosted by GF, so there is no reasonable way to add each user’s code to their Discourse profile. They could likely add it to profiles in the app, but seems like a low use case, since the referrals stop when the pre-orders are fulfilled, but that’s obviously just my opinion. Personally, I’d prefer them to work on improving the GF’s abilities. :wink:

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and when I am logged into the GF app to create a job, I could not access it from there, either… I get what you are saying about other things being greater priority, but why can’t the referral link be near the store for the proofgrade materials?

I’m sure someone from GF will appear and say thanks for the ideas, I’ve shared it with the team, and close the thread… and we’ll never hear about it again.