Only cuts part of the design, though it shows all steps

HELP! Glowforge is not cutting my entire design. It shows all the cutting steps but only 3 of the pieces are highlighted to cut.

I’m using a nesting program for inkscape to save on waste. Is this the problem? I have tried reloading, rebooting and renesting. Nothing works. THANKS!

Looks to me like those parts of your design are outside (above) the printable area.

Move them down and to the right a little.


The ones highlighted in orange are the ones it cuts! This is the second time, I nested it differently. The first time it cut different parts. I am baffled!

Thanks for your response.

Yes, the ones that are grey are that way because they are partially outside the print area. Move them, they will print.

The orange/red ones are that way because they are inside the print area.


OMG!! You are right. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I thought they were all “grouped,” so didn’t even think about that being the problem. Anyway…I so appreciate your help. I spent over an hour on something so STUPID, SIMPLE, BASIC trying to figure it out!

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Thanks for the help, @eflyguy! That’s right.

I’m sorry for the initial confusion, @cheryl.mae.serdar, but I’m glad to hear the advice helped get you printing. If you run into any other trouble, don’t hesitate to reach out (either here on the forum or with an email to We’re here to help!