Only print some parts of the file


I was printing some tags on dual color sign stock for my shop built-in cabinets. I made the file vertically so the text was right side up and I rotated the image in the GFUI to most efficiently fit the material. The screw holes on one side got shifted and I didn’t know it was happening until the job started cutting the tags out of the already engraved part.I stopped the print.

I rotated the image in Inkscape and didn’t have to manipulate it in the GFUI. But this print job only printed some parts of the engraving and two holes in the cut operation. The whole SVG showed up in in the GFUI.

What is happening that I can see the whole file in the GFUI but it only prints portions of it?


My very first guess would be lines doubling over themselves. I had an issue with the scarf I put on a snowman and it ended up that, because of how I drew it, areas overlapped each other and that sort of ends up cancelling the whole thing out. It’s not exactly sure what you want at that point.


I have had this happen when my artwork is slightly out of the print range. You can tell if you hover over different areas of the artwork. The non printing bits will stay gray


Thank you for these details, @GenieSoul . We’re looking into it.


Some more info. I changed the document size in Inkscape to make sure it surrounded the art. It hadn’t before. It was just a standard Letter (A4) sized document and the cutting paths were outside the boundary of the page. I resized the page to encompass the art and saved it as “Plain svg” vs “Inkscape svg”

I know in troubleshooting you don’t change two things at once. But I did. :slight_smile:

But the print job worked this time!


Nice!, glad you got it figured out!


Thanks for letting us know, @GenieSoul!

I’m glad to hear you got it to print! Since you’re in good shape, I’m going to close this thread, but I will make sure that the team continues to investigate what happens.