ONO / OLO 3d printer, finally shipping?!

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Anyone here do their kickstarter? I did not, but am interested to see what you guys think of it if you have ordered one!

I supported the Kickstarter but have not received it yet. They just reported the new mainboard got FCC approval and they are working on transitioning the board to manufacturing. If they are selling retail there are going to be some very annoyed backers. Per their website it is a pre-order.

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For people thinking GF is atypical in delivering I’m pretty sure I did this one before I did the GF pre-order as I saw the “real” unit at NYNF when I was manning an ENable table. The next year I saw it in exactly the same state with another year added to the delivery date. Got way more info about date changes, etc from GF :slightly_smiling_face:


Personally I think they have been very up-front about the delays. They have run into several challenges and have always let us know as soon as they had the whole story for us. If all the delayed projects I have funded, this one is low on my risk level.

Figured it would come. Just didn’t believe their dates either :slightly_smiling_face:

Their business model includes an ongoing revenue stream which makes it more likely they’ll be successful.

I can’t wait to order one when they are shipping retail.

Still think ONO is not what I would want my 3D printer to be called, since that’s the noise I make if a print failed on mine.