Open Carry?



Open Carry


Not exactly what I was expecting when I saw the title.


Rusty & Boingboing are awesome.




I was hoping for something else but my wife would love that…


Walk ten paces, turn, and steep.


Thats pretty cool!


But why?

It does make me think of all the random stuff one could carry around in a holster. Now I’ll wait for everyone else to make some custom Glowholsters for random items.


Because, why not?


Because no one wants to be carrying around a teapot and hotplate backpack in order to use the teacup holster to its full potential.


I’ve seen people carry around crazier things than that. You should see some of the strange gifts that my wife’s family buy each other.


Seems like a waste of quality leather to me.:sunglasses:


I have been contemplating holsters for those soda holders that fit on bicycles . I got one with advertising all over it and needing better insulation in any case and so made a leather outside that hides all the advertising and at least keep your hand from getting chilled while it warm your drink.

Adding a photo:


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